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Synonyms for sour

Synonyms for sour

having a taste characteristic of that produced by acids

having a noticeably sharp pungent taste or smell

broodingly and sullenly unhappy

not in accordance with what is usual or expected

to make or become bitter


Synonyms for sour

a cocktail made of a liquor (especially whiskey or gin) mixed with lemon or lime juice and sugar

the taste experience when vinegar or lemon juice is taken into the mouth

the property of being acidic

go sour or spoil

make sour or more sour

smelling of fermentation or staleness

having a sharp biting taste

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one of the four basic taste sensations

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in an unpalatable state


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inaccurate in pitch

showing a brooding ill humor

References in periodicals archive ?
One of them, when I left, wrote sourly on my leaving card: "How WILL we cope without our 'shining beacon'?
Rogge, whose greatest achievement perhaps was to restore the image of the IOC after Samaranch's reign ended sourly with the bribes for votes scandal surrounding the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Games, was clear about what he saw as being the highs and the lows.
This, I thought sourly, was part of the explanation for a curious fact about local weddings recently raised by a friend -- namely that people rarely look as if they're enjoying themselves.
But while the West is sourly wagging its finger for not having Mohamed Morsi voted out peacefully, there is so little attention given to what happened in Egypt over the past year and what the repercussions of an extended Muslim Brotherhood rule meant for the future of liberal democracy in Egypt and the region.
Any relationship that ends sourly means you spend the next 20 years blaming everyone else, so a reunion wasn't on the cards.
quinces, Fatima smiled at him sourly from the other world.
Al-Bashir relentless attempts to undermine the South, further its suffering, and make the separation as sourly and painfully as possible, the dictator's regime is currently imposing an unannounced economical embargo on the South, especially on goods and essential commodities from the North.
Sailors at Portsmouth were, during this period, issued with tinned mutton for the first time instead of fresh or dried meat and noted sourly that the contents of the tins were cut up and unrecognisable--like Adams' body.
I hope you will have all the happiness that I have missed," Hulbert sourly wrote.
The focus was on the keepers as the action turned to the penalty shoot-out and it ended sourly for Neath when Liam Hancock missed from the spot.
This is perhaps particularly true if, in your early days, you were what my mother called, in a sourly not entirely by the delivered word of headshaking wisdom, a "carouser".
sour*ly adverb <He looked at me sourly enough but said nothing.
It ended sourly for the visitors as Wes Morgan was dismissed in stoppage time for a second bookable offence.
The other two are sourly comic fantasies, books I wanted to like much more than I did.