soured cream

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artificially soured light cream


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Mix together the low fat soft cheese, soured cream and most of the chives.
Fill with the soured cream mixture and share the tuna between them.
Single Cream, Soured Cream and Half Fat Creme Fraiche.
On these grounds the technology of new soured cream of functional purpose has been worked out.
The preparation process technology to produce this new kind of soured cream includes:
putting leaven of fermented milk culture to soured cream or leaven prepared on pure culture of fermented milk bacteria Lactococcus lactis subsp.
Chemical composition and physico-chemical indicators of newly produced soured cream are shown in the Table 1.
To serve, add soured cream and decorate with coriander or pepper.
Top each with a generous swirled teaspoon of soured cream.
Smatana is suitable for use as an ingredient in any recipes where soured cream would be used.