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a leaven of dough in which fermentation is active

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a settler or prospector (especially in western United States or northwest Canada and Alaska)

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Sourdough is gaining popularity in baking applications, thanks in part to how it enhances flavor and texture.
In all of the sourdough samples, the investigators observed changes in protein profiles, as analyzed with capillary electrophoresis.
The objective of this study was to develop and analyze sourdoughs obtained by spontaneous fermentation for application in breads, with the aim of producing products with different sensory characteristics to those currently produced in Brazil.
Three sourdoughs were developed using sugarcane, apple and grape as substrate.
Order fresh or dried starters (which come with activation instructions) from companies such as Sourdoughs International (www.
If you like to rely on temperature, make sure sourdoughs have hit at least 200 degrees internally.
It can be added instead of water, or less can be added to the sourdough starter to create a highly-flavoured 'beer barm'.
White, wholemeal and rye flour, malted barley (another connection to beer), beer and two types of sourdough starter are combined in a two-day process, although it can be longer; some sourdough starters are 50 or more years old - again, like beer, connecting the generations.
For example, some bakers use the terms sponges and sourdoughs interchangeably.
Sourdoughs or sourdough starters are similar to sponges but tend to need more of a time commitment, requiring several days before they are ready to use.
Results from recent research indicate that various strains of lactic acid bacteria may be suitable starter cultures for the production of amaranth-based gluten-free products, and sourdough may be part of the solution.
Besides the intricate workings of yeasts and bacteria, time is the primary component that separates sourdoughs from commercial yeast breads.
The researchers also examined sourdough fermentation and hydrostatic pressure processing for their potential to improve oat bread quality.
How a French immigrant named Isidore Boudin launched the bakery in 1849 with his own sourdough starter, and how for more than iso years Boudin bakers have kept this living, fermenting, microorganism-rich mix of flour and water alive.