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a leaven of dough in which fermentation is active

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a settler or prospector (especially in western United States or northwest Canada and Alaska)

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First, Victoria mentions in her basic sourdough method kneading the bread dough (intermittently) for about half an hour (the bulk of the actual hands-on time).
But they didn't serve any sourdough at dinner, so I asked the chef why,' Manapat recalled.
Supplied frozen and part baked, the new range which includes a Sourdough Bloomer, XL White Sourdough, Sourdough Baguette and innovative and delightfully spiced new Fruit & Nut Sourdough Loaf, offer an authentic subtle flavour, open crumb texture and a crisp rich crust.
Bob Ellis started Sourdough in 1898 using dogsleds in the winter and horse-drawn wagons in the summer to move prospectors' gear to mining camps.
Steak sourdough with bearnaise, burnt onions and bone marrow gravy
Slather barbecue sauce on slices of sourdough and fry the other side in butter.
50 each More sourdough here, cooked in a specialist pizza oven.
Spoon a big spoon full of the Marie Rose sauce where you see it fit and last sprinkle the sourdough crumb all over the dish just before serving.
This is the principle difference between sourdough bread and other types: sourdough is made with wild yeast, and it is more microbiologically complex than active dry yeast.
Sourdough is gaining popularity in baking applications, thanks in part to how it enhances flavor and texture.
A guest blogger from Plastic-Free Tuesday shares a recipe for plastic-free sourdough starter
The Sourdough Wars is a cozy mystery set in San Francisco.
The Mission @ Minder Binder specializes in fresh ground burgers and sourdough pizza (using an 1880s sourdough starter), and full bar.
Several starter cultures have been applied in sourdough bread making, targeting an increase in bread shelf-life and the improvement of sensorial qualities (PLESSAS et al.