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any device serving as a source of visible electromagnetic radiation

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Its source of illumination is the primary star of [SIGMA]385.
Another such gathering might be Blake's "world in a grain of sand," and another metaphor for this kind of expansive extrapolation of an entire cultural history from a single event in time and space might be (as Nemerov mentions in a later chapter) George Eliot's polished pier-glass in Middlemarch, which at first seems smooth and polished but when a candle is brought close by, demonstrates dozens of tiny scratches that appear to form perfect circles around the source of illumination.
They stand in isolation from their surroundings as the only source of illumination and take on a beauty and iridescence that is not normally associated with household objects.
LEGO' lights combine the fun and nostalgia of LEGO' toys with a handy source of illumination wherever a little extra light is needed.
Left and far left, one of Coventry's band of gas lamp attendants, with his bicycle and ladder, doing routine maintenance in February 1960; below left, old and new street lamps showing the difference between gas (on right) and electric (on left) in Binswood Avenue, Leamington in March, 1958; below centre, an oil-lamp was the only source of illumination for households before gas & electric lighting; below right, one of the last gas street lamps in Wyke Road, Wyken in February, 1963.
They are passive in the sense that they use the ambient light described above as their source of illumination.
His stunning candlelight paintings, such as 'An Experiment on a Bird in an Air Pump', and 'The Orrery', seem to depict the Enlightenment as it happens by placing the only source of illumination at the heart of the composition, fighting up the faces of young and old alike as they ponder the phenomena before them.
He ultimately promotes a return to religion as a source of illumination and truth.
Murray Abraham--can be a source of illumination and insight, not to mention sheer fun.
Lime was used as a source of illumination since the combustion of hydrogen and oxygen on the surface of lime produces a very bright light.
Xenon are lamps are also a source of illumination for widefield IR investigations.
Daylight is the main source of illumination, constantly changing in rhythm and intensity.
The improvements in EL lighting technology over the past decade, have made it now available as a low-cost, highly reliable and efficient source of illumination for many new automotive applications.
NEW YORK-No longer just a source of illumination or even fragrance, candles have become much more of a home decor item, targeting specific rooms, moods and design trends.
Religion, the Baha'i Scriptures aver, "is the source of illumination, the cause of development and the animating impulse of all human advancement" and "has been the basis of all civilization and progress in the history of mankind.