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publications from which information is obtained

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Since many biofuel source materials are non-homogenous in nature, getting a representative sample may not be easy.
For more than 100 years, Greer has provided allergenic source materials to biopharmaceutical companies, clinics and research institutions.
Once again, the author fails to authoritatively exploit his hard-won, wonderful source materials.
The integration of academic commentary and historiographic debates with multimedia source materials enhances the teaching of the discipline's most cherished methodological skills and underscores the idea that history is an interpretative subject, driven by some very serious issues, such as assessing the integrity of evidence and argument, political bias, the standards and practices of the historian's craft, and, ultimately, history's direct and indirect relevance to current or contemporary matters (See: Cavaliere 2004).
Prior to each chapter's documents, a short passage describes the significance of the time and background around which the source materials relate.
As evidenced in "Recall," Hiller's source materials range from horror movies (Wild Talents, 1997) to Punch and Judy shows (An Entertainment, 1990); from photo-booth portraits (Midnight, Baker Street, 1983) to deeply eccentric artworks crafted from human hairs (Split Hairs: The Art of Alfie West, 1998); from first-person accounts of UFO sightings (Witness, 2000) to narratives of "near death" or "out-of-body" experiences (Clinic, 2004), to select just a few examples from a gloriously wide-ranging and idiosyncratic repertoire.
In order to respond to an increasing desire of scholars to examine original source materials in their original state, the Newberry Library has pursued new avenues of interinstitutional cooperation in collection development.
The primary source materials, randomly arranged as appendices covering more than one hundred pages, provide a glimpse at the correspondence between Booth, the founder, and other colleagues in the formative days of the PNBC.
The new ion source materials were designed and engineered to minimize the specific memory effects previously identified, and historical data from the NIST instrument provided the benchmarks needed to compare precisely and document the change in observed performance.
World Book Research Libraries is a wide-ranging, dynamic online database of primary source materials encompassing eight distinct libraries.
At the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the University Library and the College of Education are developing a collaborative program that integrates digital primary source materials into K-12 curriculum and the educational programs of museums and libraries.
Primary Source Media is a leading publisher of primary source materials across a spectrum of media.
A major obstacle to the study of the Harlem Renaissance for students and scholars, according to Wintz, has been the difficulty of accessing needed source materials.
The Library of Congress has awarded a $615,000 contract to the Center for Children and Technology (CCT), an educational consulting firm that is a division of the Education Development Center, to help determine the most effective methods for K-12 educators to use digitized versions of primary source materials from the Library of Congress' collections.