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program instructions written as an ASCII text file

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In development that uses OSS, even while changes are being made to the source code by a particular user, there are frequently many changes being made in parallel, such as additional functions and bug fixes, by numerous other open source developers.
Dapat i-deposito sa BSP dahil ito ang nakasaad sa batas (The source code should be deposited at the BSP in accordance with law), Bautista told reporters.
The driving concept behind open source software is that the source code should be freely available for all to use, and if someone uses it to create new source code and a new application, that new source code should be freely available for others to use as well.
Earlier, the Comelec gave parties or groups interested in conducting the local source code review until September 30 to file their written requests to participate in the process.
You can find instruction for downloading and building the Android source code here, and can read the original announcement about the availability of the source code on the official Google Grouphere.
The Open Source Code Revolution The context for understanding how an employee's use of open source code can impact a company's trade secrets begins with the unprecedented use of computers in the workplace.
One classic approach to maintaining the best business position for all this work is to minimize disclosure of the software source code.
It is unique amongst source code analysis solutions in both its precision and scalability.
With licensing that makes source code freely available and encourages contributions, software built on top of this open stack offers solution providers the ability to configure and ship ERP applications to meet their customers' needs quickly, and even develop new functionality within the architecture.
Specifically, the IRS is now prohibited from issuing or beginning an action to enforce a summons to obtain any portion of computer source code unless it satisfies specific requirements.
According to Kaplan, the evidence showed that the IRS issued the summonses for an improper purpose--gaining unrestricted access to the source code for all tax preparation software programs.
Thursday's event was led by Comelec Chair Andres Bautista who emphasized that the seven-month review for the source code was longer compared to the past reviews conducted before the 2010 and 2013 elections.
9369 states that once an Automated Election System Technology is selected for implementation, the Commission shall promptly make the source code available and open to any interested party or group which may conduct their own review thereof.
The Commission on Elections (Comelec) announced on Wednesday that parties or groups interested in conducting local source code review in connection with the automated election system for the May 9, 2016 national and local elections may file their written requests to participate not later than September 30, 2015.