sour grass

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I'll come to you, a mouthful of doll's eyes and sour grass. We'll listen to the humming overhead, unsteady utility poles poking into the earth from their weight.
Josephine would command me to stop the stroller and bound off into the underbrush to harvest this "sour grass" and the "candy plant." We agreed that she would pick only the new growth--fresh young plants were less likely to have something nasty on them,
It occurs in the recently re-classified Mesic Highveld Grassland (Mucina and Rutherford, 2006) and specifically in the Lydenberg Montane Grassland vegetation unit and is dominated by sour grasses and classified as sourveld (Mucina and Rutherford, 2006).
The two similar tasting but unrelated sour grasses -- sheep sorrel (Rumex acetosella) and wood sorrel (Oxalis) -- are vitamin C rich additions to salads found under trees and shrubs.