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"This is sour grapes because he didn't go on to other things after we worked together.
'I read comments telling me off: 'You are in government now.' 'Don't be sour grapes. Why must you run down the Harapan government?
"Are sour grapes clouding his judgement?" In response, Mr Jones said he didn't see any purpose in responding, adding: "He seems a little overwrought."
It sounds like sour grapes but I saw my players getting kicked left, right and centre.
"The law has been misapplied deliberately by North Yorkshire Police out of sour grapes over being shown to be prejudicial and incompetent in their investigation of the original complaint against me."
SHAMROCK ROVERS boss Pat Fenlon has conceded the league title to Dundalk but said: "There's no sour grapes."
Is disagreeing with Prince William's decision to to take the helicopter job sour grapes J Watts I don't think so.
"That's another thing we have to try to bring up with the umpires." Proteas manager Mohammed Moosagee dismissed Warner's complaint as "sour grapes" and said few took the outspoken Australian's words seriously.
His comments of "sour grapes" do not hold any relevance, I have no sour grapes.
There's obviously a bigger bunch of sour grapes this side of the Channel - and that bigger bunch of sour grapes lives in Yardley Wood.
He has harsh words for Cowell, and it may be that they are construed as a case of sour grapes.
Summary: Lewis Hamilton has dismissed Fernando Alonso's complaints about him after Sunday's European Grand Prix as 'sour grapes'.
The Phoenix Four have accused Birmingham MP John Hemming of "sour grapes" and "hot air" following threats to sue the former Rover bosses to recover millions of pounds for former workers.
A LEADING Liberal Democrat last night said the second defection from the party in weeks was a case of "sour grapes".
SJR: Thanks for printing my sour grapes this month.