sour grapes

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disparagement of something that is unattainable

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There's no sour grapes, they're a good side and they're top of the league on merit.
Sour Grapes wine bar and bistro in Morpeth is up for sale
That speaks for itself, I think you will agree; absolutely no need for sour grapes.
There's obviously a bigger bunch of sour grapes this side of the Channel - and that bigger bunch of sour grapes lives in Yardley Wood.
He has harsh words for Cowell, and it may be that they are construed as a case of sour grapes.
Hamilton, who had a notable falling out with Alonso at McLaren in 2007, agreed when asked by reporters whether he felt it was just sour grapes.
Clearly it's sour grapes because she lost the nomination for the ward.
At the time, Cemex countered the group's action, saying it was based on failed legal or public cases against the company and that it reeked of sour grapes.
Is the policy spawned from sour grapes for what Castro denies us?
Under the headline "Bartolucci offers history lesson to Tories and NDP," he accuses the parties of making wine from sour grapes.
Tell your boss what's going on and risk being accused of sour grapes over your coworker's success.
Mine falls off every other day Britney talking about her Kabbalah bracelet I guess it is a weird thing sometimes looking at all the money I have It's a hard life for Tom Cruise The one thing they can't get right in Spain is the grapes because they all have pips in Sour grapes from Victoria Beckham
Their set of six penstemon ranges from the pure white Snowstorm through the delicate bicolour of Appleblossom to the purple Raven and scarlet Garnet, and includes Sour Grapes and Heavenly Blue.
It shouldn't sound like sour grapes, because at Allegheny we're very pleased with our national profile.
The standard account of the difference between sour grapes and character building identifies the psychological processes that underlie them.