sour cream

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artificially soured light cream


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FOR THE ICING 1 Mix the sour cream and cream cheese until smooth, sieve over the icing sugar and then mix them both together.
I wanted to create a pure, simple sour cream that tastes great," says Albert Straus, president.
Scotch Pancakes with Smoked Salmon, Fennel and Sour Cream For the Pancakes Ingredients (makes 8 pancakes) Small frying pans or tartlet moulds 125g self raising flour 1 pinch salt 150ml milk 1 egg, beaten 50g melted butter Vegetable oil for cooking Method 1.
For the sour cream: In bowl, whisk together sour cream, syrup and salt.
SOY Sour Cream Alternative is available where Wildwood products are sold.
Two tablespoons of full-fat sour cream deliver three grams of saturated fat.
Pauly[R] Sour Cream is made through an exclusive natural process that assures no weeping, separation or breakdown during storage or after serving.
Mix it with one tablespoon of sour cream (this is where the culture comes from).
The problem was her mother's recipe for sour cream pound cake.
Sour cream is like whipped sweet cream or butter--if you eat only a tablespoonful once in a while, you needn't worry about the fat and calorie content, and you might as well enjoy the real thing.
The company is introducing a lactose-free sour cream made from organic pasteurized cream, lactase enzyme and live active cultures.
CHICKEN nachos party platter is a fantastic, quick and easy winter party platter with different tastes of spicy salsa, rich guacamole and tangy sour cream on top of thick chicken strips that will please everyone.