sour cherry

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Australian tree with sour red fruit

acid cherries used for pies and preserves

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Black treacle and sour cherry are present in the aroma.
Designed for use in soft drinks, spirits and other beverages, Sensient's novel product line covers sweet and sour cherry varieties, with each one capturing the authentic characteristic profile.
New Belgium's Transatlantique Kriek is described as a slightly sour cherry kriek beer.
Centered on a sharing concept, the menu features appetisers like yellowfin tuna with jicama, coriander, ponzu, chilli and crispy shallots or in season white asparagus, poached hen's egg, herb salad and sour cherry compote or delectable entrees such as lobster bococcini and Alaskan king crab.
You could certainly pair this cab with grilled steak, but even better would be serving it with rich meats like lamb chops in a balsamic pomegranate glaze or roast duck in a sour cherry sauce.
The seed of a kind of sour cherry found in Iran, Mahlab is a ground spice used for bakA[degrees] ing in Middle Eastern baking.
But it's the Kabab Be Karaz (finely ground beef meat on skewers in sweet and sour cherry sauce) that he enjoys the most.
Here we report the preliminary results of the induction of anthocyanin biosynthesis in sour cherry callus cell cultures.
This effect is attributed to the broad spectrum of bio-functional ingredients in the sour cherry, which are known to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
It is a tale that could make grown men and lady editors weep: Terry's produced vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, blackberry, berry-berry-berry, fresh peach, coffee, butter pecan, banana, chocolate malt, chocolate marshmallow, rocky road #1 and #2, AC-DC (amaretto cherry dark chocolate), pumpkin pecan, chocolate Heath Bar crunch, chocolate marshmallow Heath Bar crunch, frozen lemonade, cherry pomegranate lemonade, raspberry lemonade, double chocolate sour cherry, hot cinnamon apple, rum raisin and gingerbread.
He will be joined by covers band Gimme Abba, pop group Sour Cherry, soul singer Lucie Jay and the Katie Philpott School of Dance.
Based on the reports, world's annual sour cherry output hits 1.
Color photos pepper a coverage of unusual recipes not to be found elsewhere, from Potato Nachos and Sour Cherry Cordial to Strawberry-Cream Cheese Pie and Spring Risotto and Summer Chicken 'n Biscuit Pie.
Obama also selected two pies from the display case - one apple pie (regular crust, no crumb) and one sour cherry.