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Synonyms for sour

Synonyms for sour

having a taste characteristic of that produced by acids

having a noticeably sharp pungent taste or smell

broodingly and sullenly unhappy

not in accordance with what is usual or expected

to make or become bitter


Synonyms for sour

a cocktail made of a liquor (especially whiskey or gin) mixed with lemon or lime juice and sugar

the taste experience when vinegar or lemon juice is taken into the mouth

the property of being acidic

go sour or spoil

make sour or more sour

smelling of fermentation or staleness

having a sharp biting taste

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one of the four basic taste sensations

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in an unpalatable state


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inaccurate in pitch

showing a brooding ill humor

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Pet food additive: As bad as sour milkA might taste, ( pets will not cringe as much as we do.
Wounds are necessary for entry of the yeast, bacteria and fruit flies that are causal components of the sour rot complex, and these microorganisms are distributed to them by rain or heavy dew.
To be clear, Stone Sour is not a side-project or 'a band on the side' for Corey Taylor.
As you might imagine, many European breweries have stuck to their traditional methods, and produce sour beers today.
During their tour of the Al Hosn Shah Sour Gas Development Project, Sheikh Mohammed was briefed on the role of the new facility in expanding Adnoc's production of gas, natural gas, and liquefied condensates and liquefied natural gas.
Vicki Hollub said Occidental was proud to partner with ADNOC on the Al Hosn Shah Sour Gas Development Project, which she described as world-class.
The acquired assets include Paramount's recently constructed Kakwa sour natural gas processing complex and associated infrastructure including gas gathering pipelines, sales gas pipeline and future disposal wells and Paramount's preliminary engineering studies, licenses and surface rights for the future construction of a sour natural gas processing facility.
Beirut, SANA- "YA Sour" Lebanese social and media group honored Syrian actor Duraid Laham at al-Basel cultural centre in "Sour" city for his great works of art.
"Sour drinks, including beer or cocktails, are in the spotlight, and we wanted to explore a new twist on fruit tea," Rosenfeld said.
American Sour Beers: Innovative Techniques for Mixed Fermentations narrows the usual brew-making focus to sour beers, offering a thorough investigation into the processes and ingredients used in American sour beer production and covering different methods of souring, fermentation techniques, aging and blending, safety and sanitation, and more.
The worst offender in the study was Sainsbury's Sweet & Sour Chicken with Rice, which has 50.7g of sugar in a single portion.
New Belgium has recently doubled its wood beer capacity with the addition of 32 new oak foeders, and will bring back La Folie and Transatlantique Kriek in 2014 as part of a Sour Vintage Single-Batch Series.
Sweet and Sour Power (The Witches of Danarobbeth) Faye Allison Gilbert, author
Now scientists have revealed the underpinnings of salt's dark side: Heavy doses trigger taste cells that detect bitter and sour flavors.