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Synonyms for soupy

Synonyms for soupy

having the consistency and appearance of soup

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Our final dish was the Oriental Meal in a Bowl -- the creamy, soupy tom kha with chunky shrimps was just what we needed to prepare ourselves for the grand finale: airy hot chocolate foam sitting atop a rum granita.
Spider Man tells his cat friends Soupy, Puff Puff, Lila and Lola all about the grand-kittens' bad behavior, and they are sympathetic.
When a surfactant is added to the mix, the seven components all come apart and form a soupy solution.
Notes on some of the clues: 1A - Ray Wise in Twin Peaks, 7A - Red Ryder = BB gun, 12A - Soupy Sales (salesman), 1D - Stephen Fry as Oscar Wilde, 3D - peter = male organ = stamen, 5D - id Software, creator of Quake video game, 8D - double clue: jerks = yanks, people in Long Island = Yanks, 10D - John Carpenter directed The Fog, 13D - double clue: rogued = posed, and idiots = dopes, anagram of "posed".
The slippery nature of truth in the soupy mess of the digital age is at the heart of playwright Douglas Carter Beane's latest crackling comedy of manners, Mr.
By comparison another scherzo, from Frederick Holloway's Symphony in C minor, seemed hardly in the same league, although it was pleasant enough and demonstrated Trotter's open-minded approach to music of all persuasions, as did his encore, Lemare's soupy Andantino in D flat (aka Moonlight and Roses.
Once you told me That maybe with people The more full they are The more empty they feel You are a wise wise young man Too young and too old too You are as you rise in the rainbowed morning full of owls Camp embankments surrounding your face Which is plentiful with cheeks My soupy breasts full of nothing But the great expanse of nihilism I truly believe in God is not nothing but I am So I believe in me And I believe in you, although you are something More spirit in me than I will ever be More me than I will ever be Only me though, you know Only me because I will never be that strong
Neither was especially useful for most meals, which were soupy.
You need to be a fan of Detroit television or TV history to enjoy the specialized From Soupy To Nuts
While the 68,000 square miles of military training airspace over interior Alaska was soupy and marginal most of the two-week period, operations ran as normal.
With: Julie Carmen, Frank Gorshin, Rodney Dangerfield, Scott Edmund Lane, David Proval, Branscombe Richmond, Henry Darrow, Adam West, Soupy Sales.
Now we don't need to travel to Ithaca or grandma's house for warm, soupy goodness.
About 100 superintendents, chief information officers, curriculum directors, and other education experts gathered on the roof of the Hudson Hotel in New York City on a sweltering, soupy June day to discuss a hot and fairly new approach to education to ensure every student achieves.