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Synonyms for soupy

Synonyms for soupy

having the consistency and appearance of soup

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Of the soupy viands, the most popular is sinigang, a soup or stew characterized by its sour and savory taste most often associated with unripe tamarind but, depending on the season, is also soured with other seasonal tropical fruits such as guava, green mango, kamias, tamarind leaves, santol, and batuan.
Once the food is made into a soupy mixture it is then pumped into two of five digestion tanks.
The Bloody Mary: The Lore And Legend Of A Cocktail Classic, is filled with dozens of renditions of this soupy, spicy red drink that pushes boundaries, while staying true to its roots.
He stops for soupy hot chocolate in towns along the way, and happens into strangers who fill him with the moonshine needed to power on; he thumbs through massive novels in the sunlight, and captures almost-unreal flowers on his cameraphone along the way.
Cataudella/Murray got off to a 5-0 start in the tiebreaker, but again Kocher's power took over, and in the hottest temperatures of the tourney and soupy humidity, Cataudella/ Murray seemed to wear out.
The reason is that, if the trial of Nestle's Maggie brand of noodles over high lead content began with a Barabanki-based food lab, the samples of Knorr Soupy Noodles, Horlicks' Foodles Noodles and Ching's Hot Garlic Instant Noodles brands.
Her latest creation is a noodles omelette with a stuffing of HUL's own Knorr soupy noodles.
Crews were combing the wooded, mountainous terrain, hampered by swarming mosquitoes, soupy humidity and mud.
I ate the traditional dahl bhaht (soupy lentils, a spicy pickled side dish, a vegetable curry, and white rice) in the morning and evening, and I brought lunch with me to school.
You want enough liquid to cook everything together but you don't want a soupy chili.
We shared a bowl of soupy, earthy tarka dhal that, I think, was the highlight of the meal.
For mains, a creamy, soupy spicy potato side is unusual, but I loved the pops of halloumi cheese.
Once it's in the water, plastic does not degrade but instead breaks into smaller pieces and swirls in massive ocean gyres, creating soupy surfaces peppered with the material.
It's easy to use: Just weave a roll of tape through the tool and fill up the reservoir with soupy mud.