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a spoon with a rounded bowl for eating soup


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His dead eye could see "into hell" (131); "Satan wasn't after [Soupspoon]," but after RL, who gave way to "evil moods" (133); blues are the devil's music and "RL was Satan's favorite son" (140); Robert Johnson "evoked the devil," and in a sudden apparition to Soupspoon, he "cracked an evil smile" (167).
In the novel, indeed, Soupspoon remembers how he and RL played on opposite sides of a road, each catering to different needs: When "RL's music was too much" for his listeners, they would cross the street to "hear my soft sweet blues" (133).
Soupspoon reflects: "That's how it was with Robert Johnson.
RL's apparent distance from social and racial preoccupations comes out in an episode Soupspoon recounts to Kiki, in which he and RL are arrested by a white sheriff and thrown into a cell in the back of a white barbershop.
In the scene just described Soupspoon returns to the barbershop to get his money and the guitars back; the can which the sheriff hurls at him will hurt his shoulder for a while, and he has to bend down and pick up the coins.
Indeed, in his depiction of the 1930s' Delta, Mosley reproduces, through Soupspoon, what Hazel Carby has called a popular "ideology of the 'folk'" (126) which conceives of an authentic black identity as rooted in a rural, oral, folk community.
Soupspoon describes it to Kiki: "For all that it was barren, the Delta was a beautiful land too.
The ancestor's superior wisdom comes out clearly in a climactic description of Robert Johnson's music, compared with the music Soupspoon himself played in later years:
Soupspoon might speak for the blues-men, but he can't serve as a black Everyman.
To make the gravy, simmer a soupspoon of honey in a pan with a glass of vinegar, two tablespoons of olive oil, a pinch of garum and two glasses of white wine.
Grind two pinches of pepper, a teaspoon of celery salt, two-and-a-half soupspoons of dried mint and a soupspoon of myrtle leaves with a pestle and mortar.
She rescues Soupspoon from eviction by taking him into her apartment, where they form a chaste but passionate alliance against a hostile world determined to nail both of them.
The treatments give Soupspoon enough fortitude to contemplate playing the guitar in public again as well as to recall, on tape, his Delta youth and his days on the road with RL.
Add four brimming soupspoons of oil, four of water, and a pinch of salt.
As you mix, add the egg yolks one by one, then add the two soupspoons of cream, remembering to mix lightly until it is bound together.