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Pacific shark valued for its fins (used by Chinese in soup) and liver (rich in vitamin A)

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Thus, despite the large numbers of sharks taken in the fisheries, only one species, the soupfin shark , was studied.
Determination of vitamin A in soupfin hark liver oils.
After an attack last week, horrified visitors saw the shredded remains of the soupfin.
Aquarium spokesman Ken Peterson admitted: 'The soupfins were moved to another exhibit.
In California, prior to 1937, a small shark fishery existed in California, based on the Soupfin (or Tope) Shark, Galeorhinus galeus.
By 1939 "a motley assortment of about 600 boats were avidly searching for soupfin up and down the coast of California.
1960) suggested that they may segregate like the soupfin (or tope) shark, Galeorhinus galeus, which segregate by sex along the coast of California, with mature males being more common in northern California and mature females more common in southern California (Ripley, 1946).
1978); soupfin shark, Galeorhinus zyopterus (Ripley, 1946); and spiny dogfish, Squalus acanthias (Rago et al.
Some, like the thresher and soupfin shark, are excellent table fare; some, like the salmon shark, are highly variable and appeal to only a few people; and some, like the dogfish, require such special treatment ( e.
It's in poem form and tells you how to do polar bear dentistry, why you should never try to outspit a spitting cobra, and what bonnetheads, nurses and soupfins have in common.
With heavier gear and 40- to 60-pound test, go for soupfins (50 to 70 pounds, fine eating, and capable of long, frenzied runs full of wild fight) or cow sharks (100 pounds and up).