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COOKIE-DUSTER, soup-strainer, crumb-catcher, upper lip sweater - the names for the common moustache are many and varied.
Look at that massive soup-strainer mustache, a thing of beauty and wonder in an era of magnificent mustaches.
Depor's players won't run out at Anfield with curly-perm wigs, soup-strainer moustaches and shell-suits like Harry Enfield's "Scousers" but "Calm down!
My father-in-law, however, a man without the protection his late wife afforded him and, moreover, a man boasting a fine soup-strainer himself on his top lip, may not be so lucky.
Seems to be sandy-headed, lacking the Uncle Joe soup-strainer, and appears to be thinking, All right, lads, enough is enough, joke's over.