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a spoon with a rounded bowl for eating soup


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He'd glanced up with the soup spoon held halfway between the bowl and his mouth, and kept it there, looking at her as Sara came over to her, taking her coat and basket, and telling her to take a seat at the table.
Alarm bells rang when Wolgast could no longer hold a soup spoon to his mouth.
As I said in the editorial, a metallurgist at SRI with whom I consulted bent a heavy soup spoon that I was unable to bend mechanically.
The soup spoon, with its large bowl, is reminiscent of a whale and the teaspoon with its small bowl and orange handle resembles the clown fish cartoon character Nemo.
The gazpacho was served in the same type of dish, which resembles an upside-down summer hat, though the soup spoon was almost too large to fit into the bowl part.
Quickly-using a soup spoon and eating as fast as possible with no pauses between bites, but not to the point of discomfort, or
From Justin's bag, he grabbed a soup spoon and the larger soup can.
Table cutlery - The Andy Saville Memorial Soup Spoon could be a must-have next Christmas.
Lynne and Jo transform into elegant North Yorkshire Superwomen guaranteed never to put a soup spoon out of place.
Over the years I've received various gifts from the company: a music CD, a wood-handled soup spoon, and a cookbook with barbecue recipes, to name a few.
The 44-piece set features six, seven-piece place settings (teaspoon, dessert spoon, soup spoon, table knife, table fork and dessert fork plus two serving spoons).