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a deep plate with a wide rim

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When the eggs are cooked, stir the risotto, then transfer it to 4 warm soup plates.
The set of 12 dinner and 12 soup plates was made by Matthew Boulton at his world-renowned Manufactory for wealthy London socialite Mrs Elizabeth Montagu.
PHOTO : Pair of lead-glazed earthenware soup plates, England, 1872 Ordered by Queen Victoria as part of a 40-piece service, each piece featuring a different food product
The Contractor shall ensure the supply and delivery of various items of tableware and kitchenware: plates, soup plates, dessert plates, glasses, cutlery, kitchen utensils, thermometers, gourmet pans, trays, dishes ergonomic .
Annoyed at having to ride out in his good clothes, Nick followed instructions and once the horse-coper understood he wasn't to be bamboozled, hired a raw-boned grey with an intelligent eye, iron tendons and feet like soup plates.
Lalique Na: Orsay powder blue 5pc place setting 12 @ pounds 135 oval platter pounds 190; coffeepot pounds 260; sugar bowl pounds 150; creamer pounds 105; soup plates 24 @ pounds 82; cake platter 2 @ pounds 250; salad bowl pounds 175; breakfast cup & saucer 12 @ pounds 70; soup tureen pounds 380; relish dish pounds 80; sauceboat pounds 85.
Serve in deep soup plates, with bread for mopping, or (even better) with a scattering of crisp mig as -- cubes of stale bread -- fried in manteca colorado, a creamy pork lard.
Serve in two or four large soup plates topped with flakes of fresh parmesan and fresh parsley.
5; creamer pounds 150; soup plates 24 @ pounds 118; cake platter 2 @ pounds 360; salad bowl EUR2.
Serve fish, shellfish and sauce in 4 warmed soup plates with mussels in half shell, topped with chopped coriander and freshly milled pepper.
Share the pasta among two or four large soup plates, carefully apportioning the sauce, arrange the smoked salmon in the middle of each pile of pasta.