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a deep plate with a wide rim

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INNOVATIVE: The Herculaneum Pottery factory on the banks of the Mersey in the early 1800s HERCULANEUM POTTERY: The Masonic punch bowl and jug, the Lord Nelson mug and the soup plate with touching poem
Bontecou); a head served on a soup plate like a roast (Dr.
For each guest, place a spoonful of rice in an individual soup plate and top with a generous serving of gumbo.
Surprisingly, although the soup plate itself was piping hot, the soup was only lukewarm.
Here's some ideas: * FOR the kitchen this Pavilion by Casa Couture collection at House of Fraser includes teapot pounds 30; creamer pounds 12; mug pounds 8; teacup and saucer pounds 10; small bowl pounds 6; dinner plate pounds 12; sugar pot pounds 12; side plate pounds 9 and soup plate pounds 8.
There was a row and nothing more was seen of Belle - until bits of her on a soup plate were passed around the legendary Old Bailey during one of the most memorable of all British murder trials.
There were chopping boards with carving knives and forks, and you fished out a ham with a huge slatted spoon, sliced it as you wished, decanted the ham on to a decent-sized soup plate and moved past a table containing a dozen different mustards and relishes to one bearing warm home-baked loaves and a small mountain of butter.
To serve, arrange two of the stuffed cabbage leaves in the center of a soup plate, spoon some consomme on top, and garnish with marjoram.
Featuring an attractive combination of reds and greens, the collection includes: plates, teacups and saucers, an oatmeal bowl, a soup plate, a 2-pint teapot, napkin rings, serving and baking dishes, and more.
These creatures can grow to the size of a soup plate in ten years.
The color-coordinated salad plate and the soup plate are encircled with a wide blue border surrounding an olive center background of randomly spaced leaves in deeper green.
PHOTO : Soup plate of hard-paste porcelain, China, 1784/85 Purchased by General George Washington as part of a 306-piece service that sold for $150
The blue and white soup plate shown here is an early example, dating to around 1800, decorated with a design known as the Fitzhugh pattern.
For my first meal I had a soup plate thrust into my hand and this eventually contained the offering of four slices of bread, a dollop of margarine, a slug of marmalade and a mug of tea which contained the infamous bromide.
But Belle was found, although all that was left of her would be passed around on a soup plate during the trial of Harvey Hawley Crippen at the Old Bailey.