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a bowl for serving soup

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Volunteer Ann Hornby said: "The new kitchen will be a great benefit for the Soup Bowl project, it will help us increase our activities with the mother and toddler group and Little John's Fun Club.
offers a line of microwavable rice noodle soup bowls under the Trader Joe's brand that includes Spring Onion and Garlic varieties.
Not really divine intervention, but just a lazy evening lounging on the couch watching the local news: "The annual 'Soup's On For All' soup bowl sale at the B.
So get yourself some love in a soup bowl, or send it to someone else who needs it.
I ENCLOSE photographs of a soup bowl made by Ashworth Bros for Allan Line, which I believe operated out of Liverpool from the 1840s until 1915.
Telling engineers it matters if they tip their soup bowl can be a hard sell, says Robert Shutt, president of RASolutions in New York.
The collection includes a five-piece place setting, which retails for $328; rimmed soup bowl, $118; charger plate, $148; platter, $198; creamer, $168; sugar bowl, $218; soup tureen, $548; and teapot, $328.
A few feet away, Empty Bowls Chairwoman Mary Briggs put the finishing touches on a soup bowl.
We designed this refillable soup bowl by drilling holes through a cafeteria table and running tubing from the bowls to a pot of hot soup in the next room.
To serve, pour some chocolate soup into a soup bowl and top with some whipped cream, diced brioche, and hazelnuts.
When I opened the lid of the soup bowl, the rich aroma of matsutake mushroom (picked only in wild mountains during a limited autumn season, thus very expensive in Japan), caught my nostrils.
PHOTO : Covered soup bowl of hard-paste porcelain with leather carrying case, Germany, c.
Leave to soften for five minutes, then drain and divide the noodles between each soup bowl.
The service is composed of a soup bowl, soup bowl plate, salad plate, dinner plate, dessert plate, cup and saucer, Valte added.