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Words related to soundproof

insulate against noise

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impervious to, or not penetrable by, sound

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The mean difference between the conventional and uHear PTA in the soundproof booth varied from 5.
TuneSat's proprietary technology behind SoundProof goes beyond Content ID by scouring unmonitored MCNs and identifying a song in as little as 3 seconds, even when barely audible in the background.
By stacking five membranes, each tuned to a specific band, you an create a soundproof panel
A spokesman for the council said: "Flanagan's and Bar 34 have been served orders asking them to turn the music down or soundproof their premises.
The decoring machine is housed inside a soundproof enclosure maintaining OSHA standards of 80 dba at a distance of 1 m.
Its Sleep-Tight Rooms have special lighting, a sleep kit with a face mask and ear plugs, a biorhythm lightbox, soundproof windows and other things to help lull guests to sleep.
Type FBI and FBIP filters locate the solenoid valve inside the filter, which then acts as soundproof en-closure.
In the soundproof cage where the songbird cried, the blues ran cold and deep.
ODC Theater's newly appointed director, Lizz Roman, said, "You can't soundproof against bass," and local percussionist Shamou, who holds workshops and performs at ODC, proved her point by playing his drum both inside and outside the commission room doors.
They work in a soundproof room, sometimes hundreds or thousands of miles away from the TV studio that is broadcasting the program.
Try these experiments to help you soundproof your room.
Clinical psychologists interviewed the men in a soundproof booth placed within the intake area.
The money is part of a continuing program spanning nearly a quarter of a century to soundproof all schools affected by aircraft noise near the Port Authority's aviation facilities.