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Synonyms for soundness

the condition of being free from defects or flaws

the condition of being physically and mentally sound

reliability in withstanding pressure, force, or stress

Synonyms for soundness

a state or condition free from damage or decay

the quality of being prudent and sensible

the muscle tone of healthy tissue


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Aside from the procedural issues, Cordray also said that the rule will not affect the safety and soundness of the banking system.
Noting that the soundness of the financial system is not an end in itself but a means to achieving sustainable inclusive growth, he stated that the financial crisis indicated that in a global financial system that is so interlinked, the propagation of major disturbances in a national or regional market can expand globally very quickly.
Similarly, well-informed managers and employees contribute to safety and soundness, too.
The course promotes methodology for compiling financial soundness indicators, but economists hope that it will also push the limits for the access of financial data.
1461 that would address the nation's housing concerns at the same time as it assures the soundness and safety of institutions that are indispensable to our housing finance system," said Howard.
The delay in issuing the NPR is intended to ensure that any proposed changes to the risk-based capital framework are consistent with safety and soundness, good risk-management practices, and the continued competitive strength of the U.
An executive who does not have an actuarial background, and who wants to personally test the soundness of a proposed rate filing, has few analytical resources.
Casting soundness and productivity were increased by using copper-base of using Almag 535 in permanent mold casting.
Then the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight (OFHEO), an independent entity that's a part of HUD, regulates their safety and soundness.
Attributes of a company's reputation for the survey include innovativeness, employee talent, use of corporate assets, social responsibility, quality of management, financial soundness, long-term investment value, and quality of products and services.
That means the bull should have a breeding soundness examination, says Philip Berg, with the University of Minnesota Extension Service.
In addition to having the highest overall score in its industry, WellPoint was the highest-ranking health care company in eight reputation categories, including innovation, financial soundness and long-term investment soundness.
In another sketch, Greenstein knocks Clinton for his lack of "emotional intelligence," arguing that Clinton's presidency is a "reminder that in the absence of emotional soundness, the American presidency is a problematic instrument of democratic governance.
Asked what kind of details must be reviewed in deciding whether to let nonbanks enter banking, Tanigaki cited the financial soundness of newcomers and the lack of legal rules that ban nonbank entities from performing banking services.
The session will focus on incorporating safety and soundness standards into executives' performance goals.