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a research rocket used to obtain information about the atmosphere at various altitudes

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The Polar Night Nitric Oxide experiment, or PolarNOx, was launched on a Black Brant IX sounding rocket to an altitude of nearly 176 miles.
Now about half the size of STORM, CuPID/WASP was demonstrated aboard a Black Brant IX sounding rocket in December 2015 and will be further refined under the H-TIDeS funding.
The NASA Sounding Rocket Program provides opportunities for suborbital flight through the Flight Opportunities Program for early flight evaluation of promising technology.
Her experiments were amongst the 80 experiments chosen worldwide to be sent to space in a sounding rocket (SR2).
To peer into the corona, Daw and colleagues launched a sounding rocket known as the Extreme Ultraviolet Normal Incidence Spectrograph, or EUNIS, from White Sands, N.
A NASA Terrier-Improved suborbital sounding rocket will carry experiments developed by university students.
Around 100 of the selected experiments will be fired into space in a sounding rocket to be launched by Nasa on June 26.
A sounding rocket is fired straight up until it runs out of fuel and then plummets back to earth.
It will feature Honda's ASIMO, the world's most advanced humanoid robot, Starchaser's Skybolt Sounding Rocket, the RAF's Typhoon plane simulator, showcase innovation by North-east based companies, and much more.
It conducted a sounding rocket test back in 2005 and is planning a sub-orbital launch this summer.
But if they continue to spend more time on good songs like Heatseeker (the best sounding rocket within their arsenal) and less in front of the mirror, The Hedrons will continue to Hed in the right direction.
The long-running and highly respected Skylark sounding rocket programme was used to carry scientific instruments to study the Earth's ionosphere, as well as the aurora borealis and the Sun.
The rocket is part of the Norwegian Sounding Rocket project.
However, to gather this information as well as its location, the sounding rocket must communicate back to the launch site.
Hugh Whitfield, of Sounding Rocket Services, said: 'Skylark is one of the most successful rocket programmes of all time, but this British achievement is largely unknown.