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a research rocket used to obtain information about the atmosphere at various altitudes

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But, on this particular mission, the sounding rocket will be equipped with sophisticated tools, inclined to a certain angle, to do the job and obtain high-quality images of X-rays emitting from the nanoflares.
For each configuration, the length of the ogive is proportional to the total length of the sounding rocket
The Polar Night Nitric Oxide experiment, or PolarNOx, was launched on a Black Brant IX sounding rocket to an altitude of nearly 176 miles.
The Experimental Sounding Rocket Association and the Spaceport America Crew will host and support a university rocket engineering competition on the vertical and horizontal launch campuses at Spaceport America.
Three years ago, a team of three NASA scientists at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, demonstrated STORM aboard a Black Brant IX sounding rocket to prove that their concept for studying charge exchange would work.
Before TIMED was launched in 2001, "the only measurements of carbon dioxide in the upper atmosphere were direct measurements from sounding rocket research flights and short-lived spaceborne sensors," explains Jia Yue of Hampton University, the lead author of a recent article in Geophysical Research Letters that detailed the new findings.
The NASA Sounding Rocket Program provides opportunities for suborbital flight through the Flight Opportunities Program for early flight evaluation of promising technology.
Her experiments were amongst the 80 experiments chosen worldwide to be sent to space in a sounding rocket (SR2).
Caspi detected X-rays from superhot plasma several years ago with another sounding rocket, called X123.
A NASA Terrier-Improved suborbital sounding rocket will carry experiments developed by university students.
A sounding rocket is fired straight up until it runs out of fuel and then plummets back to earth.
It will feature Honda's ASIMO, the world's most advanced humanoid robot, Starchaser's Skybolt Sounding Rocket, the RAF's Typhoon plane simulator, showcase innovation by North-east based companies, and much more.
Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo could be treated as a sounding rocket. Spaceport Sweden is now waiting to hear from its government's commerce ministry on whether current domestic aviation and sounding rocket law are sufficient to allow commercial spaceline Virgin Galactic to operate.
It conducted a sounding rocket test back in 2005 and is planning a sub-orbital launch this summer.
Iranian officials have suggested that the rocket launched in February 2007 was a "sounding rocket", built to soar to a maximum altitude of 93 miles and used to conduct high-altitude measurements and testing.