sounding line

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(nautical) plumb line for determining depth

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There then follow some direct perceptions: "you see, Rabi, your moon-faced / words, or God knows what, crawl like your baby / to tuck her face in your sleeve." The next couple of poems do the moody Mahapatra contradance: "The smell of crackers and rubbers / assails the sighs held tightly / in the concise form of a house, unlit." Overloaded, possibly pretentious, certainly obscurely linked metaphors, juicy phrases, then a solid sounding line to congeal on.
The use of sounding lines to measure water depth dates back as far as Ancient Greek civilisations, and is achieved by using a rope with a weight attached that is lowered over the side of a ship.
Alberto Nunez Feijoo, president of the Xunta of Galicia, recently traveled to Brazil for contract talks between Galician shipyards and Sete Brasil, which already has contracts with Petrobras for the construction of sounding lines for exploring oil wells.
Reflected Architecture announces an endgame: "Instruments of design have become as sharp as lancets and as sensitive as sounding lines, we can use them for a delicate lobotomy." Lobotomizing the architect--who has finally come to recognize his role as "accomplice to the machinations of the system"--Superstudio turn to what they identify as another form of therapy, the "removal of all archimanias." In the remaining projects on display, including Italia Vostra: Restoration of Historical Centres, 1972, and Conceptual Architecture, Hidden Architecture, 1970, form-making increasingly cedes to ironic propositions and commentaries.