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a person whose reactions to something serve as an indication of its acceptability

(music) resonator consisting of a thin board whose vibrations reinforce the sound of the instrument

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With their years of experience in giving you the greatest in all your home theater needs, Sounding Board Home Theater Plus would like to promote this alfresco lifestyle.
Looking into a suggestion from The Sounding Board that trees' leaves should be left where they fall, the team found that in accordance with the Department's landscaping contract, managed by the General Services Administration, leaf-blower use is limited to weekends and early morning hours in the fall, and that leaf debris is ground, composted and reused in landscaping--a Sounding Board suggestion for embassies overseas that is being applied right here at home.
Dave Budd, the council's Executive member for regeneration, has approved the charter and it will be signed by representatives of both the council and the Community Sounding Board.
This family member is in the perfect position to serve as your sounding board.
She added: "The importance of sounding boards - people who help CEOs test and crystallise their thinking on strategy - is paramount.
Elsewhere in this issue, we present Tokyo: The High-Tech Slum (page 46), a meditative photo-essay by Stephen Mansfield on the way Japan's capital city retains the look and feel of a slum in many parts, while remaining a sounding board for high-tech.
Virgo publishes over 30 other trade magazine titles, including Xchange and Sounding Board in the telecommunications technology category.
I finally engaged a music supervisor as a kind of sounding board.
So ActionCOACH of Connecticut, part of the world's largest business coaching network, is offering Sounding Board.
This is such a great improvement," said Budget Officer Tim Carpenter via The Sounding Board.
The November Sounding Board ("A modest wedding proposal") by Peg Conway is reasonable, and I hope the church implements ways to achieve it.
Witnesses to Montana's turbulent journey are William, a platonic childhood friend who is always there when she needs him, and Muggly, her loyal cat and faithful sounding board.