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a resonating chamber in a musical instrument (as the body of a violin)

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The sound travelled from them along a steel rod to the soundbox, giving the impression that the magical "instrument" hanging above the audience's heads was actually responsible for producing the music.
Further, it houses a built-in Dolby ATMOS(R) 3D Audio soundbox at the back of the device that produces a sensation of movement and overhead sound to bring the story alive.
FOR LEGO LOVERS Soundbox belter Lego Boombox - pounds 39.
14] On October 20, 1999, KBOO, a community-sponsored, volunteer-run radio station in Portland, Oregon, aired Sarah Jones' poem "Your Revolution" (see lyrics) on its underground hip hop/rap show, The Soundbox.
Spotlight with Video Games Soundbox has game sound effects playing through a pixel box-shaped speaker cabinet and paired spotlights, covered with red, green, and blue gels, that are triggered by the viewer's movements.
There is abundant evidence that Homer's work was performance poetry: the epics were sung or chanted to the accompaniment of a kithara, or hand-held concert harp with soundbox, and were not intended for silent or private reading.
The fifteen tracks on this album all have their origins in the Buddha Machine, a small soundbox produced in China that plays a number of different Buddhist prayers, each repeated infinitely.
And a school scarf stuffed in the soundbox to muffle the noise to avoid conflict with the Mum Who Must Be Obeyed.
When the house lights came up, Pegg hurled the bass from the stage and leapt on it, his feet crashing straight through the soundbox.
They will join last year's SP freshwater winners in separate prize draws for a Shakespeare rod-pod and an Alpha bite indicator teamed with an Alpha soundbox.
Irina: It's quite similar to a mandolin, with three strings and a rounded oval soundbox, and it's been a solo instrument in Russian music for the past 500 years.
They are the `arms', made of horns or shaped to resemble them, which rise from the soundbox of the instrument and support the cross-bar.
He said: "All you need is a computer with a soundbox, a modem and phone.
Stone suggests the bass instruments; metal a percussiveness and sharpness; wood is closer to the lighter warmth of the lower strings, whose tones do indeed emerge from a wooden soundbox.