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(music) resonator consisting of a thin board whose vibrations reinforce the sound of the instrument

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Since the 2009 decision, the FTC said "staff has seen evidence of the widespread use of soundboard technology in a manner that does not represent a normal, continuous, two-way conversation between the call recipient and a live person"--an integral point of that original decision.
Despite the above research, there has been little investigation of the effect of the soundboard on the acoustical quality of a piano.
In the timber business, a tree destined to become soundboards for cellos, pianos, or guitars earns a distinct title: musicwood.
Glued to the top of the soundboard are bridges, "constructed from vertically laminated hard rock maple with a solid maple cap.
First I'll walk you through the process of connecting a microphone, then a soundboard.
The soundboard recording, which lasts just over 87 minutes and is amazing in its clarity, particularly when compared with its evil bootleg twin, will mean the world to Hendrix fans everywhere.
Each broadcast day, Dole works the soundboard in the makeshift studio, two tiny rooms carved out in a corner of the Lane Independent Living Alliance's offices in the Atrium Building in downtown Eugene.
The iconic hourglass shape of the body and the use of braces selectively applied to portions of the underside of the soundboard are characteristic of the original designs.
Modeled on the (Ivory Coast) Grebo masks Picasso owned, the sound hole of the guitar projects outward from the instrument's soundboard the way the conic eyes of the Grebo face project from the back of the figure's skull to create a virtual forward plane seemingly detached in front of it.
Kawai has a piano which emphasizes a soundboard speaker.
It also allows people to personalise their own virtual Wispa, play with a Wispa soundboard, where you can record your own Wispa anthem, and post birthdates and see which fellow Wispa fans they share a birthday with.
He's leaning over the soundboard on top of the hammers.
Naim Hanna, a specialist in musical instruments manufacturing, said the lute consists of a back, a soundboard with three holes called roses, five doubled strings and an additional string to enhance its sound.
Included in the kit are: a Silver Hammer Friction Call with an internal soundboard and WIP Technology, a Super Striker with a polymer tip that works wet or dry, a sweet sounding yellow birch striker, an Ole Reliable triple-reed diaphragm, an easy-to-use Screaming Hen II double-reed diaphragm and a matching color pileated woodpecker/hawk call.