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(acoustics) a wave that transmits sound

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Sound waves were much gentler and only applied a force to the exosomes for a second or less, said the researchers, whose work is reported in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
Challis has been creating wooden carvings of sound waves for a year and a half.
Medsonix was invented by a former contractor for the US Navy, Alphonse 'Al' Cassone, an American engineer who experimented with sound waves for 15 years.
In initial tests, the researchers assembled a metamaterial wall that manipulated an incoming sound wave into a shape like the letter 'A' a short distance away.
Astronomers are combing through the largest map of galaxies ever created to find the echoes of primordial sound waves.
The research -- published in Applied Physics Letters -- has shown that certain types of sound waves can move data quickly, using minimal power.
But a pioneering device uses sound waves to spot the difference between tumour cells and white blood cells.
The Cross Sound Wave is also in Patent Pending status within the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
Out in space, there are some interstellar gas clouds that could provide a medium for sound waves to propagate.
Ultrasonic velocity testing, which measures velocity by sending and receiving sound waves as they travel through a section of a casting, is a proven method for checking the nodularity of ductile irons.
By knowing how air affects sound waves, it's possible to predict exactly what new frequencies will be added into a sound wave by the air itself.
TouchThruMetal uses the latest in sound wave technology to detect the touch of the surface of just about any material.
Using a microphone, a Vernier LabPro interface, and Vernier Logger Pro software, real-time graphs of sound wave amplitude versus time were constructed for frequencies of 480 Hz and 512 Hz.
When this happens and a sound wave in cold air approaches the warm air at an angle, those portions of wave front that enter the warm air first will speed up, thereby rotating the entire front a few degrees and changing the wave's travel direction.
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