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a truck equipped with a loudspeaker and used for advertising

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A sound truck had been circulating through the small city for days advertising free gifts and big bargains.
At the lead was a flat-bed sound truck decorated with colorful campaign signs that drivers could read as they sat through the delays.
More than 30 cities in Japan hosted demos with the biggest in Tokyo, where 6,000 followed a sound truck blasting out "Power to the People".
From far down the street we could hear the sound truck.
Quick shots of the candidate working the sound truck, employing Southern, Afro-American, Latino and Yiddish accents in ethnically appropriate neighborhoods, show Murphy at his best.
Brazilian model Izabel Goulart led the parade featuring 50 women and 200 dancers and a sound truck with 12 carnival queens.
Kennedy would be attending an event at Worcester's Gateway Park, he brought along his original 1952 Chevrolet sound truck. "I gave my best speeches out of this truck, and your father never let me down," Mr.
Later in the day, a sound truck moved through the yard, systematically going through the lots of items on sale, followed by a crowd of farmers and contractors, many wearing camouflage ball caps, hickory stripe shirts and Carhartt jackets.
Admiral Murray, Commander-in-Chief North-West Atlantic, was reduced to navigating a sound truck through the streets bellowing into a loudhailer: "This is Admiral Murray speaking ...
You've never knocked on doors with Congressman John Lewis or ridden on the back of a sound truck rhyming raps for Get Out the Vote.
Cooper, the Supreme Court held that a community could legitimately regulate a union sound truck blaring a political message, because the truck was too loud and too relentless.
As local newsmen watched, they unloaded their placards and readied their sound truck. They passed out leaflets and dragged out a Klansman in effigy.
Organizers already faced a shortfall in money required to pay for the sound truck for this year's services, Bruhn said.
For the past five years he drove for Puget Sound Truck Lines.
Members of the right-wing group in neighboring Mie Prefecture have disrupted classes at Tsukigase Junior High School a dozen times since February with a sound truck broadcasting messages that the village-funded trips are giving students a ''biased education,'' according to school board officials.