sound system

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a system of electronic equipment for recording or reproducing sound

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The Heritage Lottery-funded project celebrates the history of the town's Jamaican immigrants and the sound system, a linchpin of post-war Jamaican culture.
The sound system was a mobile way of playing music often in people's homes or underground clubs, using a turntable and a bank of speakers.
The sound system concept first became popular in the 1950s in the ghettos of Kingston, Jamaica when DJs would load up a truck with a generator, turntables and huge speakers and set up street parties.
A sound system is not just a sound system in the hands of those who know how to get it pumping out music in the right way -- and the right way is how the music will be electrified tomorrow night at Sousami in Limassol, when the music community Alternadiva will be hosting a musical event to raise the roof.
The City of Monrovia invites qualified vendors to submit responses to this request for proposal (RFP) for upgrades to the audio, visual, and sound system in our City Council Chambers.