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the distribution of energy as a function of frequency for a particular sound source

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It creates a relatively flat sound spectrum and is used to determine the room attenuation in each octave band.
Svertiniai garso slegio lygiai vertinami pagal triuksmo lygi, tai A--triuksmo lygis mazesnis negu 55 dB, B--nuo 55 iki 85 dB, C--daugiau kaip 85 dB, o D--dideliems triuksmo lygiams (Single Value Representation of Sound Spectrum 2012) nustatyti.
However, since the primary complainants indicated their concern was with the lower-frequency "rumbly" noise rather than the higher-pitched "whine," it is hoped that this measure would improve the sound spectrum, improving the sound quality with respect to the neighbors' specific concerns, regardless of dBA city noise limits.
The pair had performed it at the Sound Spectrum Festival in Perth in May.
Apart from the extreme ends of the sound spectrum, this extremely comfortable model is almost identical to the far more expensive HD800s, but a much more sensible investment.
A "second-step" could be to add sound spectrum variations (loud-soft, long-short, fast-slow, low-high) as a way of "focusing" in on certain sounds.
A sound spectrum study was performed to determine the engine speed from recorded audio from four sensors on the ground at the time of the accident.
Parker's book includes many of the first wave of avant-garde players, like Dave Burrell, Sunny Murray, Alan Silva, and Milford Graves, who state that it's about what we smell, taste, and hear; the sound spectrum, the frequency spectrum; not to recall the same note, but to adjust to the vibration--a musician's job is to be the receptor of the vibrations of the planet.
In addition to the above, a sound Spectrum Policy is a must to give breathing space to the cellular industry for frequencies are a limited resource that needs to be utilised efficiently.
In their 2009 study, Frick and Young made spatially enhanced audio compact discs by "slightly intensifying the upper end of the sound spectrum in order to heighten awareness of the vast, three-dimensionality of space" (p.
If white, like black, is often considered to be a noncolor (in the same way that a continuous sound spectrum is white noise), in this setting it seemed to exhaust the infinite spectrum of its declensions.
Traditional telephony is based on sampling the sound stream 8,000 times a second using 8-bit coding, constraining the reproduction of the sound spectrum to the range between 200Hz on the low end to 3.
A bright tone is achieved by tuning the resonance tract of the voice so that overtones of a higher frequency are enhanced, while, simultaneously, lower frequencies that are present in the sound spectrum at the glottal source are dampened or filtered out.
Instead of devising works based on chordal sequences or tone rows, composers, often influenced by electro-acoustic technology, chose to create works based on the development of a sound spectrum, working with harmonic spectra.