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Synonyms for sampling

items selected at random from a population and used to test hypotheses about the population

measurement at regular intervals of the amplitude of a varying waveform (in order to convert it to digital form)

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T represents stress sound samples that are correctly classified as such by the system.
The following procedures seem appropriate for marking, identification and authentication of sound samples for further use:
Till recently, I used to use sound samples from other sources to go with my lyrics, but of late, I have started making my own beats as well.
The Bulbs is both a musical concept and a real band which aims to marry adventurous music-making with information and sound samples.
A variety of illustrative material may accompany articles: images, scores, sound samples and video clips.
A companion website provides additional sound samples.
Blige, Foxy Brown and Kanye West alongside rare home movies, original sound samples and multi-camera performance footage.
Results: Mean neuronal and vascular TRPV1 expression was significantly greater in some pulpal regions of hypomineralised teeth (both with and without enamel loss) than for sound samples (P<0.
You can find several alleged sound samples with a simple search on the Internet.
What is so far his only CD Katalog [Catalogue] (at own expense, 1996) comes with a booklet of photographs of individual installations and contains twelve sound samples of seven realisations and their sound possibilities in improvisations in which the author is assisted by kindred spirits Jaroslav and Michal Koran, the Norwegian sound artist and singer Siri Austen, and in one sample Vojtech and Irena Havel--a pair of composers who play stringed instruments and are concerned mainly with music on the border between new age and minimalism.
The Loquendo text-to-speech synthesis engine uses the "Unit Selection" concatenate technique on a wide range of sound samples.
By working with artists, they will be able to remix sound samples from computer games, turning them into CDs using the latest Apple Mac Garageband software.
Since then he has embraced the use of computer techno-logy and sound samples and opened the door to a new chapter in what is already a quite remarkable career.
Finally, the Asbestos duo demonstrated the popular trend towards live laptop performance, raiding their hard disk library of sound samples.