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the reproduction of sound

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An entirely new standard in elite sound reproduction, this incredible new subwoofer from QSC combined advanced science with unrivalled simplicity.
With the company's proprietary SuperColor(TM) and SonicExpert(R) technologies, these projectors deliver advanced color and enhanced sound reproduction. The LS820 is a native WXGA-based projector, and the LS830 boasts native Full HD 1080p resolution.
A simple modification, you might say, but along with the debate about rumble, stereophiles are still arguing over which lubrication system is best in terms of sound reproduction. The greased motor makes a darker sound, it is said.
Featuring elegant architectural objects, two very different types of sound reproduction, periodic live performance, and silence as a material, too, Moran's installation allowed one to at least hear a history of form and expression as a lineage that can survive across gaps and erasures.
However, the reported effects of using hearing protectors equipped with an electronic sound reproduction system are ambiguous and depend heavily on the conditions under which these devices are used.
Also, embodiments of this patent can be used to equalise each speaker individually to ensure that each speaker has an optimised frequency response for the best possible sound reproduction. Embodiments of this patent can also be used to prevent a speaker from being overdriven and damaged.
"In the world of consumer hi-fi, until the end of the 70s, one name, synonymous with quality audio sound reproduction, together with stunning furniture design, stood shoulders above the rest.
Audiences can expect a re-enactment of an ELO concert with sound reproduction, light show and visual effects and all of the hits including Mr Blue Sky, Livin' Thing, Sweet Talkin' Woman and more.
Massdrop has emerged as an expansive community for enthusiasts with passions ranging from high fidelity sound reproduction and mechanical keyboard assembly to quilting and fountain pens.
The family of compact studio monitors incorporates the latest in acoustic and electronic simulation and measurement technologies to ensure the most accurate sound reproduction possible.
It uses premium Japanese-made ELNA audio capacitors that provide warm and natural sound reproduction, and render in-game audio in greater detail.
English language readers have had some introduction to these pioneers from North American scholars Veit Erlmann (Reason and Resonance: A History of Modern Aurality, 2010) and Jonathan Sterne (The Audible Past: Cultural Origins of Sound Reproduction, 2002).
There is a lot here about the early development of sound reproduction technology, and the triumph of the disc over the cylinder, both from a semiological perspective and in relation to the growth of the recorded music industry.
In the preamble to Sonic Bodies, Julian Henriques explains that his "entire approach and orientation is one of thinking through sound." He suggests that the recent advent of sound reproduction technology, in contrast to centuries of written language, confronts academia with the need to incorporate some "ways of knowing" that are associated with auditory communication more than with visual communication.
Bamboo fibre, plant opal and charcoal are used in an injection moulding process to create the industry's thinnest loudspeaker diaphragm, giving better sound reproduction.