sound reproduction

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the reproduction of sound

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High-quality transducers deliver breathtaking sound reproduction with powerful bass response, and the modern, ergonomic design ensures that these headphones are both comfortable to wear and visually appealing.
All of Smith Audio's products are focused on product quality and excellence, and deliver pure sound reproduction.
surround sound reproduction from the speaker without worrying about sound leakage to the surrounding environment, even in the middle of night.
Graeve's two columns (postwar sound reproduction being, of course, stereo) differ from Marclay's mash-up of readymade and monument by encompassing another facet of the strategy of "placement" that Rosalind Krauss once described as the "area of almost insidious overlap between Brancusi and Duchamp.
The speakers boast unparalleled sound reproduction by restricting vibrations and reducing sound reflections both inside and outside the speaker cabinets, according to Fujitsu Ten, an affiliate of Fujitsu Ltd.
The result is incredible sound quality achieved through precise control over all aspects of sound reproduction.
The Bose intranet was already in existence when she joined the sound reproduction technology and manufacturing company in 1996.
The unique, faithful sound reproduction is based on the Discrete Logic 7 technology.
Contract notice: supply of systems and infrastructure for picture and sound recording, and image and sound reproduction for devices in auditoriums and classrooms and placement.
of Jykvaskyla, Finland) takes a novel approach to narrative structure in literature by concentrating an story devices which utilize sound reproduction, such as TVs, radios, answering machines and record players.
All our work is directed toward one end: to provide the most realistic sound reproduction possible.
Sound" system achieves high quality sound reproduction befitting the era of digital broadcasting.
Not only will this give you perfect sound reproduction, but when you listen to music or watch a film, say, on TV, leave the stereo system switched on.
her video installations compete with one another for attention, the sound reproduction is often poor, and the German dialogue, apparently at Trockel's insistence, lacks subtitles) have exacerbated the communication problems.