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the repetition of a sound resulting from reflection of the sound waves

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Commenting on the unbeaten Sound Reflection who is attempting to make the leap from Conditions race success to Group 1 glory Appleby said: "Sound Reflection has always been in high regard.
In the recently updated Sound Solutions: Increasing Office Productivity Through Integrated Acoustic Planning and Noise Reduction Strategies report, the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) explains: "The AC rating of the ceiling is a measure of its performance in limiting the sound reflection off the ceiling plane over an angle of approximately 46 to 60 degrees, which represents most situations for adjacent cubicles separated by furniture panels." In open-plan offices, invest in ceiling products within the range of 170 to 210 AC.
TSP Architects applied acoustical surface on the inside of the dome shell in larger spaces like the library and high school common space to absorb sound reflection, and they tried design tricks like suspended banners hanging from the ceiling.
Northumbria Chief Constable Mike Craik said: "This assessment is a sound reflection on the energy and commitment which all officers and police staff have put into reducing crime and disorder.
Programmers of the 1980s added color to computer games, but they could scarcely anticipate sound reflection, complex friction models, and flocking behavior--all now stock in trade for the industry.
Unlike most sound insulation materials which are rubber-based and designed chiefly to keep noise out, Ultra Light's all-fiber construction balances sound reflection and absorption.
Before the end of its mandate, the Commission will propose a new programme in the light of sound reflection and developments on the institutional level over the intervening period.Cultural co-operation.The Resolution on the work plan on co-operation in the area of culture offers an indicative list of themes:- the analysis and development of methods for determining and assessing the added value of European actions on culture;- the accessibility and visibility of cultural action by the European Community through improvements in the dissemination of information- horizontal aspects, i.e.
The chapters covering the anthropology of the theological life, the three dimensions of the object of faith, and the internal act of belief along with the external act of faith called "confession" or its outward profession pave the way for a sound reflection on the spiritual and pastoral or evangelical implications of C.'s systematic study.
The final method reduces the sound transmission by increasing sound absorption and reducing sound reflection. For low frequencies, this method requires the use of thick panels or special foam.
Proportions and dimensions are based on the volume ratio, the back wall is designed for optimal sound reflection inclined.
In situ values of sound reflection under direct sound field conditions.
The supplemented Sound Reflection is of interest for in-form Charlie Appleby, but Rizeena sets a high standard and Ihtimal showed a blistering turn of foot in the May Hill at Doncaster recently.
Goldolphin have a strong hand in the race with Saeed bin Suroor's May Hill winner Ihtimal along with Charlie Appleby's promising Sound Reflection.
However, the stay-away Euro-elections are a sound reflection on the democratic process.
Sound Reflection's dam being a half-sister to Nathaniel, Playful Act and Great Heavens, she has the pedigree of a potential Classic hopeful and her debut victory was no surprise to her trainer.