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Again, design and development costs and the cost of any intangibles do not qualify as conversion costs with respect to tangible personal property, but are considered in connection with the MPGE of software and sound recordings.
Last August, Mass Sound Recording initiated due diligence in pursuit of a $10 million commercial loan.
SoundExchange administers sound recording public performance rights for more than 3,000 digital radio services covered under US statutory licenses and administers many royalties for direct agreements on behalf of rights owners and digital service providers.
209 of the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines, which states that if a sound recording is used for commercial purposes, or publicly performed with the intention of making or enhancing profits, a single remuneration for the performer and the producer of the sound recording shall be paid by the music user to both the performer and producer.
Part I explains that publishers supported [section] 114(i) twenty years ago for much the same reason they opposed the creation of sound recording performance rights fifty years ago: they feared that the newly created sound-recording royalties would cut into publishers' existing royalty pie.
Thomas, previously of Vernolds Croft in Highgate, and Shepherd, from Hampstead Road in Handsworth, have been charged with making a sound recording without authorisation in August.
It is clear under Article 2 of the Act that music comprising both the composition itself (sub Article 5: "music compositions with or without words") and the sound recording (sub Article 6: "sound and audio visual works") are capable of attracting copyright protection.
Art & Science of Sound Recording: The Book examines the producer and artist's personal approaches to sound recording, and offers up more technical background information, diagrams, and course notes on each of the 24 topics presented in his award-winning DVD set.
With its rich and multifaceted focus, this is a powerful pick for does more than traverse the technology of sound recordings: it provides a history on the evolution of sound recording, quality, and even popular music movements, and is a 'must' for any music history or music technology library.
The Library purchased its first sound recording (a vinyl record) in 1976.
introduces readers to the science behind sound recording.
32) Ringer concluded, "It is generally recognized that unauthorized dubbing (33) constitutes a problem in the sound recording industry, and that some legal protection against it is desirable.