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the physical intensity of sound

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The sound is heard even many kilometers away when the A-weighted sound pressure level is no longer affected.
The C-weighted peak sound pressure level parameter, i.e., [L.sub.Cpeak] was considered to be the most important parameter concerning impulse noise exposure.
It is observed from Figure 14 that while the change in sound pressure level was marginal with increased number of ribs in the whole frequency range between 0 Hz and 3000 Hz, more noticeable improvement can be achieved in the 600 Hz to 1000 Hz frequency range corresponding to the skirt breathing frequencies.
By keeping the sound intensity constant (sound pressure level) and changing the frequency level (Hz/kHz) frequently and vice versa may not be suitable for the sound wave research.
[L.sub.A,i] is A-weighted sound pressure level (noise level at receiver) (dB(A))
The Sound Pressure Level is calculated using the formula mentioned in the theory part and hence the SPL level in dB obtained for both the compressed and uncompressed audio for single codec and combination of two codecs are tabulated.
According to the Zwicker's empirical data [8], the relative difference of the pitch effect is linearly proportional to the difference of sound pressure level between the order of booming sound and its side orders.
It is also, shown using near field acoustic holography (NAH) measurements in [7] by Asgarisabet et al that the sound pressure level distribution is not uniform on the CNT thin film, which is contrary with the assumption of uniform acoustic properties in the lumped parameter models.
The results obtained showed that the average sound pressure level in the Lagos metropolis was greater than WHO standard guidelines by 43.6%, 42.0%, and 42.7% in the morning, afternoon, and evening sessions, respectively.
It's concluded that A-weighted sound pressure level, loudness and articulation index have bilateral significant correlation (0.01 level) with subjective annoyance results, while linear sound pressure level, roughness, sharpness, fluctuation strength and tonality have weak correlation, which is below 0.85, with subjective annoyance results.
Thus, the hydrophone performance is primarily evaluated in terms of frequency range, sensitivity, and sound pressure level. According to the small deflection theories of plates, miniature high sensitivity of the hydrophone is achieved.
Caption: Figure 6: Equivalent sound pressure levels for different static round window membrane loads.
Air gun array volume 10 160 [cm.sup.3] (620 cubic inches) (1) Number of air guns in array 8 Zero to peak sound pressure level 237 dB re 1[mu]Pa @ 1 m Peak to peak sound pressure level 243 dB re 1[mu]Pa @ 1 m RMS sound pressure level (across 90% of energy in a single pulse) 218 dB re 1[mu]Pa@ 1 m Dominant frequencies at source < 1 kHz Depth of array 1.4-1.9 m (1) Air gun array volumes, by convention, are described in cubic TABLE 2.
The sound pressure level measurements are useful if the measurements can be made for one or for at least part of sources.
The result was a 30% reduction in power consumption and a 7 dB reduction in sound pressure level in the tunnel, along with significantly reduced jet air velocity.