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the difference between the instantaneous pressure at a point in a sound field and the average pressure at that point

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The impulses generated during shots from individual types of firearms included in the tests differ in C-weighted peak sound pressure level ([L.sub.Cpeak]) and duration.
where [P.sub.F] is the complex sound pressure in the field, G is the free-space Green's function, n is the unit normal on the surface of the radiation, [v.sub.n] is the surface normal velocity, [rho] is the density of acoustic medium, [omega] is the frequency, and [p.sub.s] is the sound pressure on the surface [19].
The sound pressure level fall inversely proportional to the distance 1/r (r = distance) from the sound source (Chen et al., 2011; Johannes et al., 2014).
[L.sub.10] is A-weighted sound pressure level that is exceeded for 10% of the measurement period (dB(A)) q is total hourly flow (veh/hr) calculated at a reference distance of 10 (m) at an average traffic speed of 75 (km/h)
Moreover, to clarify the effects of the control of the PA on the flow field related with tonal acoustic radiation, simultaneous measurement of sound pressure and velocity fluctuations were performed and the coherent output power (COP) of velocity fluctuations with reference to the sound pressure was computed by the equation (1).
Twenty times the logarithm to the base ten of the ratio of a given sound pressure to a reference sound pressure of 20 p Pa, expressed in decibels, dB.
The Silent-SR ISB reduces sound pressure levels of standard-velocity .22 LR ammunition to 113.2 dB on average.
Xiao et al [1,4] obtained the frequency dependent sound pressure level (SPL) and total harmonic distortion (THD) for different layers CNT loudspeaker.
"Hair near the ears will create localized sound pressure, so it is likely to be heard," the authors write.
Meanwhile, sound pressure level is a measure of the air vibrations that make up sound.
Secondly, noise characteristics of manual transmission gear rattle is analyzed by time-frequency results of vibration acceleration and sound pressure. Frequency range of gear rattle noise would be discussed.
First, two DBNs were trained for acceleration and sound pressure, respectively.
The equivalent sound pressure level estimate between 0.125 and 4 kHz amounted to 87-97 dB and increased to 117 dB for frequencies > 4-7 kHz.