sound pressure

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the difference between the instantaneous pressure at a point in a sound field and the average pressure at that point

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Twenty times the logarithm to the base ten of the ratio of a given sound pressure to a reference sound pressure of 20 p Pa, expressed in decibels, dB.
The sensation of the booming sound is perceived as a dynamic sound or powerful sound because it compresses the passenger's ear with high sound pressure level.
They showed that the sound pressure increases as frequency increases.
The data acquisition equipment is used for sound pressure acquisition and vibration acceleration acquisition.
The nature and extent of behavioral changes are likely to vary with factors such as air gun duty cycles and received sound pressure levels, particle velocities, and frequencies, as well as species, life stage, health and physiological state, ambient sound levels, previous experience with similar sounds, and other factors (Hawkins et al.
To achieve this, the team first computed a map of the phase shifts of where and how strongly the acoustic waves, or more specifically their phases, needed to shift to translate the lines of the dove into an area of increased sound pressure.
The most common metric is frequency weighted sound pressure level (SPL) and additional psychoacoustic metrics [5,6] have been developed to describe subjective perception, such as Loudness, Sharpness and Roughness.
For the measurement of the mentioned features of the acoustic field parameters and analysis B&K (Denmark) sound pressure meter 2260 Investigator, equipment Pulse 3600C and sound intensity microphone antenna of type 3599 were used.
The sound pressure horn enables them to present loud beats that can be felt with the tunes.
In 2008, the company expanded beyond its pressure, acceleration and gyroscopic motion sensors, to geomagnetic, temperature, humidity, air quality and sound pressure devices, including many for use in consumer electronics devices, such as mobile phones.
In cases, when the sound pressure level was with much fluctuation, we moved the direction of microphone between 10-50 cm and the shortest time of measurement at each stations was determined to be 15 seconds.
The sound pressure is amplified by using enclosures that create a long narrow path within the speaker cabinet.
Therefore, sound pressure is the resulting room sound level after sound power has been subjected to a room effect or sound path attenuation.
Energy Telecom (OTCBB: ENRG) said it has filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office a continuation-in-part utility patent application, which claims numerous benefits including the ability to control the output sound pressure level of its telecommunication eyewear's audio system to deliver sound at levels lower than mandated by industrial safety standards.