sound pollution

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annoying and potentially harmful environmental noise

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Mohammad Essa said, "A region where thousands of vehicles will pass once the CPEC is started, there will be noise pollution and there will be sound pollution.
The ministries of interior affairs, culture & information, Kabul Municipality, the presidency of cultural services and NEPA are the institutions that have responsibility for protecting the environment but there is no coordination at all, and no action has been taken to control sound pollution," says Humayoon.
The air is so thin, there is no sound pollution up there.
It can operate in the location's high summer ambient temperatures, and is configured to meet sound pollution regulations of 85 dBA at 7 meters.
Commonly known as ' noise dosemeter', sound level meter is a handheld device to measure sound pollution.
AlphaOne on its part is pooling all its resources to ensure that people who visit this area not only enjoy the beauty, but are also not inconvenienced in anyway due to rash driving, traffic congestion or air and sound pollution in the busy area.
The concept of sound pollution ironically functioned to camouflage the concentration of new capital.
Other questions arose about sewer mitigation and potential light and sound pollution from a 120-foot tower, twice the height of the trees.
They have been further aided by the restrictive policies of European regulators in stipulating stringent sound pollution and landing controls, causing undue stopover delays and inconvenience to passengers.
In 2003 and 2004, developers delayed again due to violations of EPA storm water discharge regulations and the builder's inaccurate assessments of potential sound pollution.
In addition, it reduces traffic jams, and air and sound pollution.
Knowing the reasons of sound pollution may allow the development of actions about population health and promote peoples' life quality improvement.
Another general approach is expected on the proposal for a regulation to limit the sound pollution caused by air traffic.
He added: "In many counties in Europe, sound pollution laws are adequate and are enforced correctly, for example in Mallorca in Spain this started at least 15 years ago.
However, people living near to the airport have complained about an increase in sound pollution, and the authority has reported that detailed analysis is required to link the first phase of the trials to the increased sound levels.