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11:00 - Open-air POWER YOGA CLASS with LED Sound OFF headphones.
In addition, recalls through the Eat Cleaner Sound Off Widget will be fed through to consumers through the Cleaner Plate Club blog and via Twitter and Facebook.
Would you like your residents to sound off? Send an e-mail to Kevin Kolus, Associate Editor/Online Editor at and we'll talk about getting a question to your residents--and their thoughts on our Web site.
1989: The Exxon Valdez tanker ran aground on a reef in Prince William Sound off the Alaskan coast and released 11 million gallons of crude oil into the sea.
A new study has found that the unborn reptiles sound off to tell their mother and siblings it's time to hatch.
I wanted to sound off on the April/May appendix carry article by David Kenik.
And while the online diaries do provide valuable space to sound off and get virtual community support, they also can be risky.
IAN Hislop went on Room 101 to sound off about strawberries.
I usually find the Geordie accent pleasant on the ear but the dreary moronic drone of the narrator had me turning the sound off.
WATCHING Ronnie O' Sullivan versus 19-year-old Chinese player Ding Jun-hui, I was so disgusted with the rowdy ignorant circus of yobs that surrounded O' Sullivan at the Wembley Saga Masters Snooker final that I turned the sound off.
And while there is no doubt the players will exchange a few sharp words on the pitch, they know better than to sound off in front of youngsters.
TONY BLAIR was quick enough to sound off about World Cup violence involving Scottish fans but his silence over thuggish behaviour by English supporters has been deafening.
In our forums, you can sound off, share ideas, get inspired, offer feedback on Sunset stories--and even have questions answered by Sunset writers and editors.
Plus this bit from the "About" page: "And where faceless, 'objective' editorial boards once handed down opinions and endorsements, bloggers sound off, the numbers on their public site-meters lending them unassailable credibility as voices for the rest of us."
This report is a summary of discussions that took place at the "Sound Off" Regional Rural Youth Dialogue on Employment, Education and Communication, held in Vernon, British Columbia, on January 14, 2006.