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the amplitude level of the undesired background noise

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5 or TSP) and noise levels (LAeq, LAFmx); IEC61672-1 compliant sound level measurement for accurate and reliable results; heated inlet to reduce moisture effects; and maintenance-free wind speed and direction sensor (optional).
WhisperCool Technology uses proprietary and patented Phoseon innovations to maximum UV output while keeping the sound level to a minimum.
In addition to these improvements, Type 2250 and Type 2270 portable sound level and vibration meters have been updated to measure peak particle velocity and vibration criteria.
At IHBAS, out of 16 days observations, six times sound level data exceeded the prescribed limit of 50 dB ( A) ( day time) whereas sound level was always above the prescribe limits of 40 dB( A) ( night time).
The Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act spurred a flurry of discussions between the auto manufacturers and NHTSA on how to set a minimum vehicle sound level for hybrid and battery electric vehicles.
Their topics include noise in general, applying sound level to rock mechanics, measuring rock properties and sound level, applying artificial neural networks, and a case study of sound level versus rock properties.
Sound level can help explain several important phenomena in singing.
The range breaks down into three categories: Model 41 (Class 1) and Model 42 (Class 2) are entry level sound meters for basic noise level assessments in the workplace; Model 43 (Class 1) and Model 44 (Class 2) are professional sound level meters whose main function is to help safety professionals meet Noise at Work regulations or occupational requirements for noise; and Model 45 (Class 1) and Model 46 (Class 2) are premium models.
Any sound level that is measured directly is known as sound pressure.
But sound level issues are not the only problem facing club owners.
10] is the sound level exceeded 10% of the time, giving an approximate range of peak noise levels, while [L.
That was the question that I asked myself and led to my purchase of a sound level meter to try to answer this question.
the peak level (Lpk)--that is, the highest instantaneous sound level that the microphone detected;
Measurements were made using a calibrated Type 1 Larson Davis SLM 824 sound level meter with a 2559 normal sensitivity microphone fitted with a manufacturer-supplied windscreen (WS001).