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a law describing sound changes in the history of a language

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41) with the note that there is an English sound law /s/ > /th/ (=/[theta]/).
You're not allowed to dismiss 'exceptions' in the reflexes of any sound law by vaguely invoking analogy (9) and dialect mixture, because if you were you could explain almost anything, and who explains everything explains nothing, does she?
Data integration is the beginning - not the end - of sound law enforcement practices.
Having failed to do so, James prejudicially erred by ruling the former unconstitutional while leaving the latter to stand as sound law, which it most certainly is not
But, hitting back later, he added, 'Are his [Lord Hutton's] conclusions on restricting the use of unverifiable sources in British journalism based on sound law and, if applied, would they constitute a threat to the freedom of the press in this country?
Rational public policy and sound law, however, would recognize that abortion is the killing of an innocent human being and must be suppressed like any other crime.
Probably Chadic's best known sound law is Klingenheben's Law (pp.
Whilst it is true that the police often say that registration schemes work elsewhere, there is no evidence anywhere that these are based on sound law and if used with the degree of firmness which would be necessary to contribute to dealing successfully with drug abuse, they would be quickly found to be unsustainable.
She assessed that the new government should implement the existing laws, because Macedonia was often presented by the international factor as a country with sound laws which aren't applied.
It could be said that the people could vote the inept deputies out in next month's elections and vote in more knowledgeable and more responsible candidates, who would make sound laws.
org/2014/11/28/the-sovereignty-of-the-people-my-conviction-and-my-dream/) statement that his actions were designed "to promote the drafting of sound laws and the abolition of harmful ones.
Authorities consider these are essential factors to support sustainable development and ensure human rights are protected through sound laws and regulations.
Haste, a lack of transparency and violation of parliamentary procedures are not the way to make sound laws," he noted in a statement.
To uphold our Constitution and apply our sound laws, we need lawyers who are professionally competent and faithful to the letter and spirit of the principles enshrined in our Constitution and its Articles," he added.
Educate policy makers to develop and implement sound laws, rules, and regulations that support America's community colleges in their effort to build a strong middle class.