sound judgement

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the capacity to assess situations or circumstances shrewdly and to draw sound conclusions

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Important as personality and communication skills are in a political leader, sound judgement and honesty are even more so and by support for the declassification of drugs in the past and reluctance to admit whether or not he had ever used them himself, David Cameron raises serious doubt as to whether he possesses these essential qualities.
Alan said: "I am hoping there won't be a need for a third camp, but with conditions already threatening the lives of those around me I need to make a sound judgement call when the time comes.
It is a time for chairman Simon Jordan to be of sound judgement and to make the right decision to take that great club forward.
Objective reasoning doesn't mean residents have good judgment, and some with sound judgement lack short-term memory," notes Watson.
Participants should never forget the bricks and mortar, the experience necessary to select and verify only the most relevant data, and the application of sound judgement in the absence of data.
No formal educational or professional qualifications are needed but applicants should be interested in upholding and promoting high standards, understand local issues, have sound judgement and good communication skills.
Strong policies, sound judgement, honesty, presence on the world stage, those are all fine qualities in a Prime Minister.
We must hope that she will be succeeded by a politician of integrity, determination and sound judgement, qualities sadly lacking in Ms Smith.
Christine brought to the bench a great deal of common sense and sound judgement and she will be very much missed.
This time it isn't the fact that they've ensured you'll have to work to a 100 because they've exercised their usual sound judgement with your mortgage repayments, but the fact that they currently sponsor the Six Nations.
Experts reveal how Napoleon's usually sound judgement failed him on one fateful day.
It's much more rewarding to have something to show for your sound judgement.
After taking 23 balls to get off the mark, Trescothick has played with assurance and sound judgement for 190 minutes for his unbeaten 64, containing 12 boundaries.