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a hole in a soundboard (as of a violin) designed to resonate with the tones

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From an engineering perspective, the hollow body and sound hole constitute a Helmholtz resonator that is tuned to the lower frequency range of the instrument.
If no tone is made you need to remove the block assembly and work on the angle of the sound hole.
Ray Montford The Sound Hole Studio 50 Carroll Street, Suite 210 Toronto ON M4M 3G3 Canada e-mail: montford@interlog.
They hold a tenor banjo, a guitar, what appears to be an upright string bass with a round sound hole (not the more typical f-holes), and a mandolin, cuatro, or tiple-like instrument of more strings than the small image allows me to count.
The soundboard is flat-sawn cypress, and has no rose or sound hole.
The largest component of the guitar is the resonator, which is basically a wooden box with a sound hole.
Modeled on the (Ivory Coast) Grebo masks Picasso owned, the sound hole of the guitar projects outward from the instrument's soundboard the way the conic eyes of the Grebo face project from the back of the figure's skull to create a virtual forward plane seemingly detached in front of it.
The cajon features a rear sound hole tuned to an air chamber and capable of producing deep bass with crisp snare tones.
Another sound hole is the downhill 14th - a par four after which your card could end up in the bin.
A unique front sound hole projects the sound forward from the cajon.
A video shows the artist locked inside it, his head poking up through what used to be the sound hole, looking rather helpless as the device rocks back and forth on its bottom.
The sound box of the old cuatro was straight at the top, with its side walls extending down in an incomplete triangle, reaching near the sound hole.
In the late Eighties, they were taken up by French avant-garde label New Rose, releasing albums Sound Hole and Live A Little, and toured with The Cramps.