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an effect that imitates a sound called for in the script of a play

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Ramos begins work on a show by listing down the sound effects as he reads the script.
The trick to good sound effects (or "foley," as sound effects are sometimes called) is to find the right sound for what is happening in the play.
This decision was made following feedback that the female character's jumping sound effect was considered "too sexual" and may cause cultural offence.
I take things that I've experienced and I amplify or exaggerate it with my sound effects so you get the full picture, the whole story.
While frantically trying to work out a routine for a mime assessment, the duo discovered that their particular combination of sound effects and mime was funny.
com is developed for all media and advertising professionals who needs licence-free music or sound effects for their projects quickly and easily.
Sound Effects Tips and Tricks is a 'must' for any collection catering to practicing musicians, offering clear explanations, diagrams, and discussions of audio effects.
Auto Business News-6 July 2010-Toyota starts research on artificial sound effects for hybrid cars(C)2010 ENPublishing - http://www.
Pitfall: Unimaginative Show Lacking Music or Sound Effects
Additional features include direct PC connection with USB interface for easy data and ID transfer; SD card slot for data transfer; multiple sound effects including reverberation, chorus and equalizer; and 32 note polyphony, synthesizer and mixer function.
The suite also includes iPhoto 6, which supports up to 250,000 photos and introduces Photocasting, a new way to share photos directly with friends and family; iMovie HD 6, which offers new audio-enhancement tools and sound effects and lets users preview effects in real time; iDVD 6, which allows users to take content shot with the latest HDV and widescreen DV cameras and author custom DVDs with widescreen menus; and GarageBand for creating professional-quality Podcasts.
That fan should realise he is merely paying for the privilege of providing the sound effects on match day at Stamford Bridge.
Award-winning sound effects supervisor, film editor and producer Anthony (Tony) Magro died Nov.