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a very short speech

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Danger of sound bites AS a Yorkshire lass who is delighted to be part of the UK, Europe and an increasingly interconnected world, I would like to pass on my sincere sympathy to Jo Cox's family, friends and constituents.
The sound bite is 22 seconds and the outcue is "seven and a half minutes.
During the 1968 presidential race, when President Nixon ran against Hubert Humphrey, the average length of one of their sound bites on network news was 43 seconds.
Scheuer maintains that, in addition to creating an ideological bias, the sound bite culture has greatly impoverished the quality and tone of political debate in America.
Two new books, Jeffrey Scheuer's The Sound Bite Society and Trudy Lieberman's Slanting the Story, delve into this problem.
It's true that doesn't fit easily into eight-second sound bites.
Because of self imposed time and space limitations and a desire not to offend advertisers, journalists seek to present news as if it were a movie trailer: they need a brief setup, some sound bites, and a hook to keep their viewers interested.
That's the label that Joel Gibb, the out ringleader of Toronto's Hidden Cameras, coined as a preemptive sound bite to describe his band's merrymaking.
In the months before announcing his decision, Hatch had tirelessly flogged a sound bite intended to pacify his critics among principled pro-lifers: "I believe that human life begins in the womb, not in a petri dish or in a refrigerator.
In this week's letter, TEI lamented the "folly of making tax policy by sound bite.
The sound bite for our international agenda would be: "fewer weapons, more development.
More sound bite lined both the floor, embedded with plaques, and the ceiling, painted with even more invective: "What I hate deserves it.