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the increase in aerodynamic drag as an airplane approaches the speed of sound

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Sound barriers are usually erected along the railway or viaduct, which makes it difficult to install marks on the sound barrier, causing great inconvenience to on-site vibration measurement.
In our country, there are two types of sound barriers along the high-speed railway, that is, plug-in sound barrier and integral sound barrier.
Some residents there have been talking about having sound barriers erected in their neighborhood as well.
This spring, the agency contracted with renewable energy company Solarcentury to install two 150-foot-long solar panels in front of a highway sound barrier.
The new sound barriers reportedly exceed noise-reduction guidelines and wind-load requirements of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, offering sound-absorption rates 15 times greater than concrete and significantly better than wood.
The products reported here will provide competitive economics and high sound barrier properties compared to conventional rubber products.
As new and existing residential areas and high volume highways in the United States continue to intermingle, sound barriers placed between highways and residential neighborhoods provide an effective tool in traffic noise control.
For example, the growing demand for highway sound barriers indicates a potential growth area.