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an electrical device for attenuating the strength of an electrical signal

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In this respect, AMCA-certified fans, dampers, louvers, and sound attenuators are currently very popular in the Middle East.
The company is the sole licensee manufacturer of sound attenuators and the complete range of acoustic products from Galloway Acoustics UK as well as of the Galloway Fenland Fire Rated Duct System for the UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait.
The AHU system includes a large insulated metal box, which comprises a fan, heating and cooling elements, sound attenuators, filter racks, and dampers.
At the seminar MEES llc, also exhibited their other range of products and samples, which include Floating Floor(Getzner, Austria), Acoustic wall Linings(conventional and Gurato, italy), Fire Rated Fabric panels, Acoustic/ Metal / Lead Lined/ Fire Rated Metal doors (Green Hollow Metal, UAE), Iron Mongery, Sound Attenuators & Acoustic Louvers (Seagull UAE),Acoustic Lagging (Sound Seal, USA),Spiral ducts with different insulations and jet fans (SODECA,Spain), Fans for Explosion proof areas (SODECA, Spain), In Line ducted fans and TWIN fans(METRICO U.
Some of the popular products in the region include fire dampers for fire protection, the variable air volume (VAV) and the sound attenuators for air distribution.