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lacking sensitivity or the capacity for deep feeling

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However, according to Tripadvisor reviewer "BP", it's a "blot on the landscape" and a "vast soulless cavern".
Dublin Lord Mayor Oisin Quinn had called the festival soulless and said organisers lacked ambition.
Rob Johnston | Just a shame that the tiny bit of green space, which had only just been finished, was turned into a construction site for yet another bland and soulless high rise, augmented with yet more bland and soulless boring art.
And now, the Apple store: soulless, shiny, and designed for cult worship.
Pimps whores & welfare brats & their soulless supporters hav [sic] a president to destroy America," (https://twitter.
Neil, 35, who fought for Wales in the World Championships, and plays chauffeur Harry Spargo in the Beeb costume drama, said: "I've loved living in LA but it's also a very lonely and soulless place, and if you don't have a close group of friends, it can be horrible.
I DISLIKE huge soulless shopping malls built in the middle of nowhere that have been slowly killing our town centres.
Martin Campbell's soulless film casts a dim glow thanks to a smattering of crisp dialogue ("Watch your back," someone warns Hal; "That's impossible," he retorts cheekily) and slick set pieces.
His guide covers the basics of how to create a moving story to win sales, sharing successes, showing how soulless facts and information led to many of his setbacks, and telling how he became a master storyteller, in the process discovering how humans are hardwired to hear and love stories.
It will indeed by soulless - an urban jungle enveloping residents used to living in a small community.
SINCE the move from Highfield Road to the Ricoh supporters have been asking for one area that can be help create an atmosphere in the often soulless Arena bowl.
Broken Neck Lullaby performs with A Warm Place, Twitch The Ripper, Scars Are Soulless, Deprived and DJ Static at 7 p.
If Casey, already a vastly wealthy man, chooses to chase a few more million dollars in a soulless event, rather than experience the ultimate sporting glory of the Ryder Cup, why should the European Tour change the rules to suit him?
of soulless gargoyle whose megalomania and absolute quest for power would make even Rasputin blush.
There was little variety on offer, with one soulless riff after another.