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lacking sensitivity or the capacity for deep feeling

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By all means look at New York from Liberty Island,at Hong Kong from the ferryboat or Toronto from the lake islands,but remember that the middle is full of look alike soulless slabs, row after row of giant tombstones,making dark deep canyons where the sunlight never reaches the ground.
In the detective's shadow: Abbey National has tried to dilute the image of banks as soulless organisations, whose only driving force is the creation of profit, by unveiling a three-metre high bronze of Sherlock Holmes as part of its 150th anniversary celebrations.
It can, though, be soulless. A new station in the CBD gives the line to Chek Lap Kok airport a fitting sense of departure and arrival.
Today the novel's protagonist, who worked as a clown on television, might well be living in one of Hido's more upscale but equally soulless houses.
Someone Like You epitomised the middle-of-the-road and rather soulless nature of Wayt's music, while new track Don't Say It, with its uneasy octave jump, could have been written by David Brent.
The match was a thrilling antidote to a rather soulless, and goalless, first-leg draw in December.
Where did they come from these strange, soulless creatures Who so resemble the living dead?
Developed over the last 14 years, OMA's masterplan aims to transform the 1960s site from a soulless commuter enclave, to a campus community based on the American model, with student housing, library, research facilities and a recognizable social life.
For the rave-impaired, the Night of the Living E-Heads was a technodystopian white freak feeding ghoulishly off the soulless locations where it has taken root--like Long Island's mall-soaked South Shore.
Hebrews 12,12 IF soulless metal is a prey to fatigue, we shouldn't be too despondent if we do lose heart at times.
It's glossy soulless pap from a glossy soulless - but fun!
I just hope we can build a few thousand on the attendance at Anfield and stay because I dread to think what 33,000 fans would look like in a big soulless stadium!
Set in a neighbourhood of rather soulless postwar tower blocks, the church of Our Lady of the Ark of the Covenant is an exercise in geometrical and biblical allusion.
The nights must be very long for the soulless cretins who peddle this suffering as entertainment.
JD Wetherspoon, the 650-strong chain of soulless, aircraft hangars that pass themselves off as pubs, are banning smoking.