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deep feeling or emotion


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Art Music: Love, Listening, and Soulfulness isn't just about music appreciation: college-level readers will, instead, find it a reflection on how music generates aesthetic appreciation and cultivates social bonds, arguing that real musical listening is key to social health and interaction.
Their award-winning style of intellectual, yet appealing pop songs, fused with their unique brand of soulfulness gave rise to their continued success as the band advanced into the 90s, releasing acclaimed work which includes the chart-storming top 10 album Stars Crash Down.
Sex is fun, but love is another matter entirely, reserved only for her father, a celebrated ladies man, played with a soulfulness and depth by Hans Dagelet.
When she picked up her guitar and sang a laid-back version her soulfulness had the crowd captivated.
Their award-winning style of intellectual, yet appealing, pop songs, fused with their unique brand of soulfulness gave rise to their continued success, as the band advanced full-steam-ahead into the nineties, releasing acclaimed work which included the chart-storming Top Ten album Stars Crash Down.
Avon claims the collaboration is inspired by "passion, soulfulness and intensity" and Bon Jovi's got them in spades.
We are not unaware of scholarship, but we have such a feeling of soulfulness.
If Tuesday's gig only finds him on the plain old piano, the Levi palette will veer more towards purist jazz, with less of the grooving soulfulness that the electrified keys would bring.
Poetry captures a distinct honest and soulfulness of life.
Ironically, the 2011 film follows a similar pattern, parasitically mimicking an authentic form in all respects save soulfulness.
He's got a real soulfulness and the ability to connect with an audience," Contactmusic quoted her as saying.
Instead, we are following Andrew Zimmern on his quest for bizarre foods, we trail behind Anthony Bourdain as he drags us across the world in search of unfamiliar flavors and on a melancholic day, we stay indoors with Nigella who comforts us with the soothing sounds of her soulfulness.
She's an engaging performer, able to shift easily from mischievous and a little tipsy on Don't Hurry for Heaven to the warm soulfulness I Love You, Go Easy.
And even in my fifth and sixth years, I had the moves, but I was still trying to navigate the soulfulness of it .