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full of or expressing deep emotion

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For three months starting September, we prepared and were prepared for it, mentally, emotionally, physically, childishly, even soulfully. And now, seemingly in the wink of an eye, its exit is here, inevitable, imminent, as surely as December has 31 days and the New Year is just hours away, within grasp.
A video clip of British singer Tanya Wells and her twin sister soulfully singing "Dumma Dum Mast Qalandar" on the streets of Dubai has gone viral.
He hits the challenging notes soulfully, effortlessly.
Choirs from junior as well as senior wings of the school sang soulfully to enhance the beauty of the evening.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Oct 26 (ANI): The third song from the Irrfan Khan- Parvathy starrer 'Qarib Qarib Singlle' is out and it soulfully depicts the brewing romance between Yogi and Jaya.
Singing to them soulfully while he handsomely played the guitar only amplified our goosebumps-inducing emotions.
For the past decade, award nominee Christian has toured the world, performing her soulfully inspired live show which, capped by her personality and passion, has been wowing audiences time after time.
Even opinion makers who generally admire Obama vie to outdo each other in soulfully condemning his Syria policy, while administration officials past and present echo the president's line that there is little the United States could have done to stop the bloodshed.
An aunt reads music and plays her cello soulfully. Other types of reading experiences are also celebrated: reading palms, reading the weather, reading train schedules, and more.
Although Seoul yeoman folk owe Pharaoh's Vaud bureau hoed oats, gauche Van Gogh, swallowing Curacao cognac oh so soulfully, sews grosgrain, pictoted, brooched chapeaux.
Baker & Wife serves burgers with crisp and soulfully good French fries that are hot, skinny and come in a silver-toned cup lined with a cone of paper.
Marking the subtle transitions in the lives of three sisters after they take under their wing a teenage half-sibling they never knew, "Our Little Sister" is so meticulously shot and gracefully orchestrated that it can be considered a worthy contempo successor to Kon Ichikawa's masterpiece "The Makioka Sisters." Yet, in attempting to evoke an overwhelmingly femme-centric universe for the first time, Hirokazu Kore-eda adopts an approach so serene that his protagonists' pain as well as their personalities remain largely muffled as they drift soulfully through the seasons.
Mardi Gras parades celebrate the great spirit of the people of New Orleans in the magnificence of our rich diversity, soulfully expressed through masks, costumes, music and multiethnic culinary delights.
His use of intense color and flowing lines have become a form of spiritual communication as people are drawn emotionally and soulfully into his pieces.” That same year, he was recognized by the governor of Texas, Rick Perry, for being a finalist in the Blossom Art Competition.