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full of or expressing deep emotion

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New Delhi [India], Oct 26 ( ANI ): The third song from the Irrfan Khan- Parvathy starrer 'Qarib Qarib Singlle' is out and it soulfully depicts the brewing romance between Yogi and Jaya.
Baker & Wife serves burgers with crisp and soulfully good French fries that are hot, skinny and come in a silver-toned cup lined with a cone of paper.
Yet, in attempting to evoke an overwhelmingly femme-centric universe for the first time, Hirokazu Kore-eda adopts an approach so serene that his protagonists' pain as well as their personalities remain largely muffled as they drift soulfully through the seasons.
Mardi Gras parades celebrate the great spirit of the people of New Orleans in the magnificence of our rich diversity, soulfully expressed through masks, costumes, music and multiethnic culinary delights.
His use of intense color and flowing lines have become a form of spiritual communication as people are drawn emotionally and soulfully into his pieces.
Peckova sings these more dramatic texts, with the dimension of personal dialogues of a man cut adrift by circumstances and disillusioned with his human fate, soulfully and colourfully.
2015 * Curated by Julia Friedrich * When Andrea Buttner takes on the soulfully self-conscious themes of shame, asceticism, and faith and realizes them in clay, glass, and woodcuts, an educated pathos results.
Soulfully informed by the culture and landscapes of his adopted island home on Mull, Roddy Woomble's solo work - most recently third album Listen To Keep - has seen him hailed as "one of the most respected contemporary folk artists of his generation" by Civilian.
My Father's Ghost features the songwriting of Eugene's Timothy Shaw and a soulfully melodic sound.
Minutes later, the laughter and teasing were replaced by orchestral music played soulfully by young musicians in their quest to find a permanent home.
The filmmaker who turned martial arts into a poetic blockbuster for Western audiences with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and made gay cowboys mainstream fare with Brokeback Mountain has crafted one of the finest entries in his eclectic resume in Life of Pi, a gorgeous, ruminative film that is soulfully, provocatively entertaining.
I have come to see a formula at work in contemporary life: spiritual vision helps you see the preciousness of life and live more soulfully, and then, as ancient writers often said, the deep soul connects the spirit with the material world.
When Kipp thinks of the troubled real estate sector of Dubai, we are reminded of that scene in Titanic during which the ship's string quartet play soulfully as the ship slowly but surely sinks into the Atlantic.
Elsewhere, Oh Patience soulfully suggests that Foster has at least one Portishead album at home, perhaps nestling up to The Prayer Boat.